Below is a sample of where my clients and students hail from.

Most of my clients and students are local Singaporeans while the overseas ones came from Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, China, USA, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Australia etc.

And below is a sample of the positive accolades I've received from my clients for my services for your perusal.  Feel free to email me for any no-obligation enquiry anytime, I'll reply in either English or Mandain in 1 working day.

All the debts owed to my company are cleared in 2 months after K.Y corrected the Fengshui done by a previous master, and more business came in.  I'm very grateful to her.
K.L, 43 years old, business owner

K.Y really offers very astute views to help me just from the I-Ching reading!
Yvonne, 35 years old, in government services

The Fengshui set-up she did for us was very intelligent, we don't need to clutter up our space yet gives the results we need.
Mrs Neo, 40 years old, homemaker

K.Y helped our company through major deal-making decisions and clarified our issues.
Miss Tan, 37 years old, business owner

It's amazing that K.Y could read into my house's Fengshui from our I-Ching session, and all I asked her was about my job.  She gave more than I asked for in that session!
Stella, 38 years old, banker

She highlighted the critical flaw in my personality that's hampering my relationships to bloom by her reading, one which I'm unaware all along.
Jonathon, 31 years old, account manager

I'm a psychic, and I can't read for myself.  K.Y is very unique who's able to deliver what I can't.  Her clarity is astounding.
T, 45 years old, psychic reader

My 5,000 sqft office is given a new lease of life and business after K.Y's advise.  I'm more than grateful to her.
Mr Lim, 46 years old, business owner

I'm surprised K.Y is well-learnt into psychology and other religions too.  My friend's recommendation was really good!
Kavita, 28 years old, accountant

K.Y helped corrected what another Fengshui master did wrongly and my life is very balanced now.  I'm very grateful.
Amos, 40 years old, property agent

K.Y helped my dad's chronic illness, I can't believe it!  Our family couldn't be more happy and grateful to her.  Really.
Alice, 35 years old, sales director