About Me

Where I was

I'm Geno Ong, founder and owner of this website and LiaoYuanZhai.com, and Infinite Qigong® (www.InfiniteQigong.com).

Based in Singapore, I'd been in sales line since 19 years old and throughout the 10 odd years, I worked from a retail sales person up to a  Business Development Manager to the APAC  region for a top Fortune 500 online MNC.

In my last job, I was a senior sales executive for a foreign-invested, local consultancy dealing mainly with C-level heads and regional Directors of top-tier foreign banks and MNCs.

My start on this path

I was first familiar with 紫薇斗数 in my schooling youth then developed my interest in other Western and Eastern oracles styles, although amateurish interests then.

When I was in corporate, chance had me met my Teacher who said I'm destined to walk the same path as him.  Being quite well-paid then and not wanting to swim in new uncharted waters, I declined his suggestion.  Nevertheless, he continued to teach me many things in our frequent meetings. 

And then I decided to go full-time, to share different knowledge freely here, which is what I'm doing now.

What I am now

Up to my latest knowledge, I'm the youngest I-Ching and 紫薇斗数 teacher in South East Asia, and one of the youngest Fengshui consultant in Singapore. 

I've given I-Ching readings and predictions for more than 4,000 people, done Fengshui for more than 300,000sqft of spaces and the only local Fengshui consultant to share the knowledge freely in my website.

How I work for you

Marrying my experience with the corporate and metaphysical world through the years, I'm able to discuss more academically and scientifically to clients of how things work, and they like how the facts are presented bilingually too. 

Facing my clients personally, none of them would be pushed to my students for any pre/post-reading(s) or services, everyone would be given undivided direct attention from me.  It's a promise I can give you.

About my clients

My clients and students hail from high-level executives from reputed local or foreign MNCs, business owners, creative personnel, government officers and etc, different nationalities and all walks of life.  They consult me for positive directions and awareness in their career or personal lives.

Most of my clients are local Singaporeans while the overseas ones came from Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, China, USA, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Australia etc.

You may like to have a look at their references for me in the Testimonial Page.

Through this space, you’ll find articles and videos I share on Fengshui, spirituality, health, human relationship and etc.  While I take care not to assume, you may find what I wrote resonate with what you’re already experiencing now. 

Why I decided to share here

Do take your time to have a read through the various categories at the right side bar.

There’s no rush here.
No prejudice.
No hate.
No agenda.

But a lot of care, concern and sharing, as I had been through them.  I’ll share everything I know through this space as I recognise the issue of “not knowing”.

Enjoy your time exploring.