Spirituality Class

Many people are mystified over the array of courses on energy field, spirituality and religion.

The difference between the 3 is little, yet many in a lot of ways.  And many learners have yet to piece a complete picture still.

This course aims to provide a holistic understanding in the history of this study, the science behind and the application of it. 

Of how it is relevant to the modern world, and how we can be at One with our Earth and the Universe for many positive benefits e.g Money, Luck, Love, Health, Peace, Career, Relationships, Wisdom, Intelligence etc.

Every participant will learn the following in the 4-month, 1.5 hour per week, course:

1st month
  • A brief history of different schools of spirituality around the world, including tribal shamanism.
  • What energy is.
  • How we can improve and strengthen our energy field.
  • How the Dark and Light energies come about.
  • What are the Dark and Light forces, and the science behind it.
  • Why some people are more drawn to the Dark/Light energies or sightings etc.
  • How diet, exercise and our DNA affect our connection to Earth and Universe.
  • How spinal health is important in our spirituality quest.
2nd month
  • The human anatomy and the relation to spirituality
  • What space and self cleansing are.
  • Different methods of space and self cleansing, and the science behind it.
  • Different ways of shielding ourselves against the Dark Forces.
  • Different ways of connecting ourselves to the Light Forces.
  • Why there are holy and unholy places in the world.
  • What is the science behind holy and unholy places in the world.
  • How do Earth's and Milky Way's planets' electro-magnetic field affect us.
3rd month
  • What are the uses, benefits and flaws in psychedelic drugs, artwork and music.
  • What 3rd Eye is and its uses.
  • How to safely activate the 3rd Eye to the greatest benefit.
  • What past life regression and hypnosis are.
  • What are the pros and cons of past life regression and hypnosis.
  • What yoga and meditation are.
  • What are the pros and cons of yoga and meditation.
  • What is karma and the science behind it.
4th month
  • What are the sacred items of major religions in the world.
  • Application and the science behind the sacred items of the major religions.
  • What are the symbols of the different religion schools.
  • The science behind applying the symbols of the different religion schools.
  • How to use symbols to the greatest benefit.
  • What mantra is and the science behind it.
  • How to use mantra to the greatest benefit.
  • What affinity and kismet are.

**  The curriculum may not be in sequence according to different classes' dynamics, though all of the above will definitely be covered in the 4 months.

At the end of the course, participants will be equipped (for themselves and their loved ones) of the following skills:
  1. Identifying Dark and Light forces
  2. Protecting yourself against the Dark
  3. Connecting with the Light
  4. Different methods of space and self cleansing
  5. Activate the intellect and wisdom
  6. Application of different sacred items, mantra and symbols
  7. Stronger energy field
Participants can expect a very interactive class with me, and are encouraged to throw as many questions as they can gather, be it from old wives tales or hearsays to clarify any information.

Participants can also expect a level of improvement in health, relationships, career, intellectual and finances after gaining these knowledge for themselves.

Frequency of the course, language medium, fees, date, time and venue

Once a week, 1.5 hour (minimum 5-to-1) each time.  Mandarin (60%) and English (40%) languages will be used interchangeably in the class.
SGD$200 nett per 4 lessons, 16 lessons in total.  Fees for every 4 lessons to be paid at the start of the cycle.   Minimum 5 to start a class, maximum 10 in a class.

Venue be at my office in Cecil Street.

Choice of time - Kindly contact me for latest updated slots.

Overseas students can have the lesson with me via video-conferencing e.g Skype.

Contact me for more details, registration, or any no-obligation enquiry

All emails will be replied in 1 working day, in either English and/or Mandarin.