Friday, November 28, 2014

My First E-Book Is Now Free For All

My first e-book on Fengshui, The Real True Fengshui Manual For All.

In it, you will be shared of the following:

Where Is Fengshui From?
What Is Fengshui?
Case Study - The Forbidden City
If All Is About Destiny, What Does Fengshui Mean To Me?
Is There A Pre-Requisite For Lasting Fengshui Efficiency?
Is Fengshui Everything To Life? (No, of course not)
Case Study - A Near Political Crisis
Metaphysics & The Science of Fengshui
Case Study - A Near Bankrupted Firm
Ancient VS Modern Fengshui
Case Study - Pediatric Proteinuria & The Gifted Program
Wrong & Right Fengshui Setup
Case Study - The Pub Unit That Has Never Prospered (Eventually did)
Why is Fengshui Now Corrupted Then?
About Me.

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