Friday, October 3, 2014

Fengshui Mythbuster - Birthdates For Fengshui

There're 2 schools of thought regarding using birthdates when auditing the fengshui space, needed and unneeded.

Those in the needed school of thought says, that it's to match all the dwellers in the house or office.
Now, the question comes.

What if someone leaves or joins the household/office? That would disrupt the whole setup and fengshui, right?

Often, this is how some fengshui masters earn their dough again and again.

Belonging to the unneeded for birthdates school of thought, I will go through the following before determining how to set up the space for optimal fengshui.

1.  Qi of the house
2.  Qi of the dwellers
3.  Career and business nature of the dweller or business.

1 man's meat is another's poison, not all houses are suitable for everyone or business, therefore the fengshui set up must be tuned accordingly. With that, the color scheme and wealth spots (cash registers, finance department) should be refined differently too.

The Qi of the dwellers can be easily detected by having a good grasp of their personalities for those fengshui masters who have rich experience handing interpersonal relationships in their previous careers.

Generally, the color scheme goes as follows, do note that it's not conclusive. For unique spaces, the color scheme may be entirely opposite of the norm.

1.  Aggressive personalities = heavier tones to calm them down.
2.  Passive personalities = brighter tones to stimulate them.
3.  Yang places = Pastel colors to "calm" it down.
4.  Yin places = Solid, bright colors to "liven" it up.

Different industries require different colors to exude different mood and expressions to improve the business, colors will stimulate the buying attitude of their customers.

It will also stimulate the right kind of productivity and creativity for the owners and employees, vital to ensure smooth delivery from start to end.

Birthdates is actually a more dated way of doing up fengshui, and it can backfire because it's following a formulaic procedure, while real fengshui is not such.

However, having said that, doing up fengshui by the Qi requires many years of in-depth learning of the intricate art of fengshui, or takes an exceptional individual with the deep kismet to pick up the skill very fast and good to be able to deliver an accurate work.

Fengshui is half science and half metaphysics, optimizing a space's energy field for the human beings, it's critical to be well-learnt in both sides for accuracy and success for their clients.

Because it's dealing with Mother Nature, truly good fengshui is never ever formulaic.

It's like saying Steve Job's birthdate is awesome good, but there're so many people borne to the exact time, day and year, and there's only 1 Steve Jobs in the world.

When has the world ever gotten another Steve Jobs? None.