Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fengshui Case Study - Haunted House

I was referred to a case, purportedly that many fengshui masters and religious personnel has deemed the place having ghostly parties = unlivable for human beings.

A breakdown below.

House owners used to run a roaring business.
10 years ago, everything stalled + they downsized tremendously.
Health of everyone goes down, especially the wife.

So an appointment was scheduled and I went for an audit with my geomancy compass.

When I reached the maindoor, I don't feel the Yin energy coming out at me. Typically, a true blue haunted house will be such. I find it very odd.

When I walk in, the pathway Qi was good, after a round in there, I found the back of the house (2nd living room) to be very stagnant of Qi.

They painted very strong solid colors on the walls too, screaming red, orange and yellow.

I started to have an inkling where went wrong, but I need to confirm. We settled down and I started my fact-finding.

They lived in the house for 10+ years.
They were doing well for years.
Around 10 years ago, they decided to renovate the place.
They hacked a few walls and painted some.
No fengshui person was consulted then.
Things start to go down after it, health too.
They've ghostly sightings and sensation almost daily.
Hired a few fengshui masters + religious personnel.
All said the house must be sold 'cos of the "ghostly parties".
They tried selling it 2 years ago when property was hotcake.
Unable to sell out.
They're stuck till now.

I asked, "You said you hacked the walls, so you changed the original layout. When I was at your maindoor and the pathway into the house, the Qi was good. Things only start to look back at the 2nd living room, where the rooms are."

"Ya, friends and relatives feedback that they feel very stuffy in my house."

"That's because you partition up the wrong place and blocked all the Qi flow. Once you go back to the original layout, everything will be ok. This is not a ghost house."

"But all the fengshui people + religious personnel says that this is a ghost house!"

"And none of them told you that it's absolutely wrong to place a large shoe cabinet on the exact pathway that fresh Qi flows in, convert all to negative Qi into the house. It's common sense, no one will place such a thing to make the house of Qi all negative."

To them, I'm the youngest fengshui person they've seen, and I look really young for my 36 years on earth. I'm not sure if they believe me.

"And I can't sleep well, especially when the temples below (3 of them + 1 church) have their rituals going on."

"From the look of you, to be honest, you have a weak but psychic body. When you're in ill health, your Yin energy will be stronger than your Yang energy. Coupled with your psychic body constitution, you'll be the most affected. You need to balance your health out with the right TCM herbs."

Then she rattled off her psychic experience since youth + being saved by Guan Yin when she fallen deliriously ill at 21 years old. From her account, I concurred that it's a real divine experience.

Normally, people with psychic deposition have extreme Yin and Yang experience in their body. All true blue religious personnel, fengshui people have too. That includes me.

I taught her a thoroughly simple Qigong exercise on the spot, and just 5 minutes of practice, she reported warmth in her body.

"You've been feeling the cold inside for years already, right?"

"Yes! Yes!"

"Do you know why it happens this way?"

"Please tell me!"

"Qigong is allowing + making the Qi flow in the body. Due to imbalance of Qi and blockages in the meridian points, one falls ill. So just 5 minutes of it regain the warmth in you. But this is just temporary, you need medicinal (herbal) intervention to help you."

"But what has ghosts got to do with my health?"

"Because of your poor health after you changed the layout of the house, your Yin energy increased. Your daughter's health isn't good too, which you've concurred earlier. When the dwelling humans in the house have Yin energy more than Yang + the natural Qi flow brings in negative Qi from the shoe cabinet, it creates a very Yin energy pool in the house = attracts ghosts. Once all these are dealt with, the spirits will disperse naturally."


"Spirits are like birds, when you put out food on the ground, they would all come for it. Even ants will come. When you take away their food source, they cannot stay, 'cos the environment is no longer conducive for them to survive. Simple as that."


"And because you used all the wrong colors in the house, they depress your good hormones in the body and trigger the stress hormones out. This cause even more issues with the Qi."


"I'm emailing this 88 Buddha Repentance Chant to you now, you try chanting it and inform me of the effect by sms or Whatsapp. Then I'll know how it works for you."

Then I saw some odd stuff laying in the house. She said they're given by a temple of a deity I've not heard before.

One of it was an (real) empty tortoise shell with some cinnabar ink.

** I hope it didn't suffer a horrible death.

"Where is it from?"

"A temple. The medium says it's to improve my health."

"How long ago was it?"

"A few years."

"Your health is still bad, right? In fact, it has gone worse, right?"


"Throw this away. It's useless for you. Don't trust anyone or deity that says they can solve the issue, but nothing comes at the end of the day. And you're worse through the years."

She hesitated and just told her daughter to keep it away.

As the audit took 2.5 hours, including the long chat + fact finding, I can't put up everything here but the most important parts.

After I took the money, she no longer respond to my sms.

Even when I sent a message that if they don't want to follow my instructions, I'll refund the money happily, all they need to do is send over the bank and account number.