Monday, October 20, 2014

Fengshui Case Study - 9,000 sqft Office

I was referred to a large local company doing precision technology, serving many large high net-worth local enterprises and the government sector, to do up their new office fengshui.

Below are their criteria for my KPI:
  • Better worker productivity
  • Better sales
  • Better communication internally and externally
  • Smoother projects
  • Business expansion
  • Talent retention and attraction
After 2 rounds of meetings with their Chairman, CEO and COO, to understand their industry, competitors, service offerings, sales and business cycles, I proposed my findings of what they need in the fengshui design.

The deal was inked 1 month later with my KPI and 100% money-back guarantee clause after ironing out all the mutual conditions.  My sole condition to them is follow my instructions to an exact T, anything that isn't executable must discuss with me for a recourse.

In the new office audit, I found the following:
  1. One stagnant Qi spots that can be designed to encourage natural Qi flow
  2. One dead Qi spot to be designated as storeroom and server room
  3. Active spots are reserved to their main staff
  4. Leadership spots are reserved to their C-level senior management
  5. Chairman to have his standalone office
  6. Chairman office to be flanked by the vital Finance + HR + sales offices
  7. One stagnant Qi spot to be their recreation corner
Due to the size, the company unique factors and industry, I prescribed bold colors for their walls, but not so much as to overwhelm them.

Below is their initial layout in drawing, after I've been there for the bearings and understood their needs:


Nothing much has changed after the renovation started work.  Their commercial contractor did a great job doing up the measurements.

Below are the photos before work starts:


The photos look very plain and uninspiring, right?  Below are the work-in-progress photos.

And after the renovation has completed and delivered, I chaired the opening ceremony for the whole company of 80 staff for a walk in.  I'm sorry that I forgot to take photos of that day, but below are photos of the renovated, fengshui-ed office.
All their industry partners and associates love the cosy yet dynamic feel of the whole set up!  No one feels that this office has been fengshui-ed!  Employee morale has been on an all-time high!
The recreation corner, with pool and table tennis tables.  The white wall will convert into a movie wall via a projector.
Part of their staff work area.  The paintings are part of the collection by the Chairman.  All paintings have to go through my approval prior to hanging up.
Part of their staff work area.  The doors at the background are offices for HR, Finance and Chairman.  The rest are meeting rooms to discuss their projects and sales.
This is their sales office-corner, the whiteboard being their Action Wall.  They have to be near the printers for tender proposal printings.  I've advised them to put in environmentally friendly plants to absorb the toxic output, which they have since done.
Part of their wet pantry area for everyone.  I was told some of them converted it into their mini kitchen for lunch and sometimes dinner when they're rushing out the projects.  The management played along with them.  :)
A separated Rest Room where the previous owner build up and it'd delay the renovation works if were to hack and rebuild the wall and ground.  A curtain acts as their door and anyone can have a moment of sun and 40 winks.  It also acts as a meeting place for 2-4 people.
Another relax corner where there're books to upgrade themselves or for leisure reading.  The painting is yet another in the Chairman's collection.  All paintings have to go through my approval prior to hanging up.
The senior management office (CEO, COO, Directors), where everyone work together to plan and deliver the company's future direction and destinations.  The calligraphy is from the Chairman's collection.  All paintings have to go through my approval prior to hanging up.
The conference room that can sit up to 15 people, for their presentation to the clients or vendors.  The painting comes from the Chairman's collection too.  All paintings have to go through my approval prior to hanging up.
Another of the meeting area for their staff, to discuss on the project deliveries and trouble shootings. Behind the red wall is their store and server rooms.  A PS-II (or was it X-Box?) was set up to a large LED TV for recreation when they're not in the mood for pool or table tennis.
Part of the foyer at the entrance that leads to the conference room and a smaller meeting room.  A set of couch is right opposite the red chair for guests before being brought into the main office area.
Another part of the foyer for the guests.  The blackboard was done up by their creative interns to welcome the day and colleagues.  The painting comes from the Chairman's collection too.  All paintings have to go through my approval prior to hanging up.
Several plants are placed strategically to improve the Qi circulation and the air for everyone.  Good Qi circulation and exchange will improve every aspect of a company or house.  When the Qi flow well, everything will improve.
Some air purifiers were set up as they came from the previous office, I strongly suggest having them as there're 80 people in the company.  Anytime one sneezes, the sick bug will pass easily and readily. 
Rational approach for the employees will ensure good business and running the miles.

In this whole exercise which took us 1 month to conceptualize, I specifically inform them of the following no-nos:
  1. No whole slab of black color, be it on the wall or the ground
  2. No picture of negative things to be displayed on the walls e.g skulls, knives, fire etc.
  3. No room to be painted of 1 color, maximum 2 walls to be of 1 or 2 color.
  4. Follow the renovation and move-in dates piously, if a new date needs to be selected, come to me.
  5. The locations of the plants and paintings have to be approved by me.
Does the office looked like it has been fengshui-ed?  Not at all.
No placing of expensive Chinese mythical figures.
No awkward, protruded corners or spots, entirely ergonomic.
No hacking of walls. 
No birthdates needed.
100% money-back guarantee if my promised KPIs didn't happen.
Within 4 months of moving in, they reported the following to me:
  1. Double-digit million growth before end of financial year, unlike before
  2. Large key projects rolled in
  3. Higher morale and productivity
  4. Wedding bells ringing among their staff
  5. Smoother project deliveries
  6. Strong leads coming in
  7. Bigger profit margins
2 of their senior management people have came to me to learn I-Ching, which has a 100% money-back guarantee too.