Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fengshui Is About Balance Of Energies III

Some people are curious of my energy sensing ability when I do my fengshui for my clients.

It's actually like how ants and domesticated animals sensing the earthquake coming, and want to escape for their lives before the humans know it.

We all have this ability, but most of us don't know it.

You see, our senses are often very clouded by our daily stress and distractions. Coupled (made worse) by how we're educated about Life, perceptions of ourselves, how we should deal with many things etc, added even more layers onto it.

Many of us cannot sense things anymore, though there'd be some who still have the ability but they cannot explain it.

How I unearth and regain this energy sensing ability back, was via the ancient meditation method as the first step.

Meditation, when done the right way, will activate important glands in our brain (predominantly the pineal gland) that will heighten our senses for the environment.

As to sensing the Yin or Yang energy for a place, it will take training and experience to build up the knowledge.

Yin energy places require bright, bold colors to negate it, while for Yang energy, pastel warm colors will do the trick.

Once the right colors are in place, and placement of the furniture and fixture are in ergonomic directions, things will start to come in and flow better.

In my fengshui audits, I don't usually advise hacking walls or setting doors or stoves in peculiar directions that are not ergonomic.

Once things are not ergonomic, it will form a source of danger, which in fengshui is very bad. I've seen a stove done by another fengshui master that is protruded like a cleaver in the kitchen.

There were so many accidents after the person listened to the fengshui master.

Wanting for a good direction must not sacrifice the ergonomics of the furniture or fixtures, a poor direction but cannot be shifted for whatever reason can be resolved by numbers.

Meaning, if the stove is in the poor Yin direction = install 1 or 3 stove heads. Odd numbers are Yang by nature, which will negate the issue.

Similarly, if the stove is in the poor Yang direction = install 2 or 4 stove heads. Even numbers are Yin by nature, and the matter will be resolved.

By it, we would know, Yin doesn't mean it's bad, and Yang doesn't mean it's good.

It's how things are combined for a balance of energy.

Like how the world can't go on without males, or females.