Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fengshui Is About Balance Of Energies

When I first went to bone therapist's shop, I felt an obtrusive energy once I opened the door. And the place felt exceptionally harsh and cold.

It was only when I start chatting with him that I knew why.

Bone therapist likes to play around with orgone energy and has made a few of the generators himself. These things creates positive energy = Yang energy.

He placed quite a few of these in the shop and showed them to me. I started to say subtly, "You know, excessive of any energy isn't good for business....."

He was surprised and asked to elaborate further.

"You see, fengshui is all about balance. If a space is excessive in Yin or Yang energy, it wouldn't be able to attract money, or business. Of course, we need to eliminate the issue of poor product or services, or poor management to determine the root of poor business. Ceteris paribus, then it's poor fengshui that's giving poor business."

He thought that I made sense and asked what I'd do, I said, removed all the orgone energy generators, leaving only one in the shop. It'd be good to zap away negative energy since he does therapies.

1+ month later, that is today, he told me happily that business picked up, and hired me to look into his shop's fengshui full-scale.

Of course I'm giving him a discount, he helped my health to be back on track!

Balance of the energy is different for different industries.

Places like pubs, lounges, cinemas, theaters etc, have to be more Yin, to give the relaxed, cozy feeling.

Places like schools, police stations etc have to be more Yang, to exude order and discipline.

And within Yin and Yang energies, there're sub categories to suit different companies and location.

These have to be carefully observed by the fengshui master before deciding the way to balance place via different assortment of colors, placement of the furniture.

I don't believe in buying Chinese mythical products to attract wealth etc, the right color and placement of the furniture and fixtures is good enough.

I should know, I offer money-back guarantee for my fengshui service. :)