Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fengshui Is About Balance Of Energies II

Again, in the chat with bone therapist today.

He asked a very good question of my way of doing fengshui, "You don't use birthdates to do it at all, right?"

I replied with a laugh, "Hahahahahaha! Yup, I don't. You see, fengshui doesn't need any birthdate to do any balancing. A consummate fengshui person just need to know the business nature of the space, then pick up the energy level it is exuding, and it's easy to know the next steps for it."

He was also curious, "Why only use colors and placements?"

I like how the conversation is going, "Do you know that every of us human being is a great energy generator? To be able to get what we need and want, our emotions have to be fixed to the optimal first. Colors is the easiest way to fix it 'cos it affects our hormonal levels and secretion. Once we're balanced, things will start to flow."

I took a sip of the longan tea he made for the day, "Now, for that to be established, we must make sure the place isn't occupied with too much Yin energy. If there's too much Yin or Yang energy, Ying energy for example, attract spirits very easily. The good news is, most places are not Yin by nature, it's just some imbalance, so it's not difficult to deal with."

Then he asked, "What about placements of the furniture and fixture?"

"Ah, placements actually comes in after the colors. Like businesses, cash registers or the finance office must be in positive energy spots, so cash flow and expenses are kept in check. Earning $1 but only 20-cents is left at the end of the day means something is very wrong, given all necessary savings are in place. Then Fengshui must be looked into."

Bone therapist was piqued, "It's that simple?"

"It can be simple and complicated on the same plane. A good fengshui person needs to ask good questions and pick the energy subtleties before suggesting the colors. Without sensitive senses to pick up the energy + right questions, the solution can be wrong at the end of the day."

He smiled.