Thursday, September 25, 2014

Case Study: Effects Of Violating Fengshui Principles

I went for an emergency fengshui audit for a client today, to determine if it is human or fengshui error.

A little background:

They hired me to do their new house fengshui.
They didn't seek my view on some changes in the reno idea.
The husband has been jobless + passed on for a good job opportunity.
The wife slipped in the master bedroom toilet and fracture her tailbone.
All these happened after they moved into the house in the 2 weeks, and prior.

What they did:

Listened to the contractor to lay a perimeter of black tiles at the drop area at the door.
I mandated only 1 wall in the kitchen to be painted blue, but contractor painted all the walls blue.
Given that the accident in the master bedroom toilet was due to tiles that are too smooth, it shouldn't happen so soon after they moved in.

I was shocked when I learned of the tailbone fracture yesterday, because in my 5 years of doing fengshui, I've not delivered such horrible job before.

After the emergency audit today, they're to rectify the issue (put a red round IKEA rug at the front door + paint an important wall white) within 1 week.

** The black tiles formed a square = needs a round object to negate it. Red negates black. Return 1 wall to white to mitigate the kitchen flooded with blue.

I went to shop for the rug with the husband, and said that I will check on them again for the rectification.

The money-back guarantee is now void, because they violated the scheme.

Seeing the poor wife today really pain me, she has so much difficulty standing and sitting down. I packed some 鹿角胶 for her to help bone recovery, it's to be taken 2x a day.

Black floor tiles for a residential place is only suitable for people who have very strong energy (Qi) e.g, a lawyer who earns at least SGD$3 million a year.

Or a businessman whose net profit is at the region of at least SGD$5 million.

Us average people should never have black floor tiles in our house.

Colors for the wall should be a balance of 2 of the 4 colored, and the rest to be in white or off-white.

** Off-white isn't beige.

Singular color at all the walls of a section in the house = flooding it with the color's energy = very bad.

So those "White House" houses are actually bad for the energy flow too, unless 1 of the owner is a very successful person in career to be able to negate the effects.