Friday, August 29, 2014

Why I Can Offer Money-Back Guarantee

Some people have asked why I do that.

Are you very confident of your skills?
Is that a marketing gimmick?
Are there fine-prints?

Let me answer them.

Am I confident of my skills?

I've confidence of what I do, and I will deliver everything without withholding anything, and then ask for multiple fees to "improve" or "upgrade" the place after my service is rendered.

I know how some in the industry do it, it's unethical.

Fengshui especially, doesn't need to buy that expensive $9999 dragon cast for good luck, no.  If the Fengshui of the place is good, it will be good.

If it's bad, anything we do is temporary, and by temporary, it lasts up to 6-8 months only.

However, as I'm human and not God (not saint even), if I audited the place's Fengshui wrongly and nothing works, I'm all for refunding.

It's an answer to my conscience.

It goes the same to my other services and classes with the same money-back guarantee.

Is that a marketing gimmick?

You may sue me if I fail to refund a request, no question asked. 

But please provide proof that you requested a refund by email, it's only legal and the only protection for you and I.

Are there fine-prints?

The fine-prints are no more than the ones I stated in my "100% Guarantee" page/tab. There wouldn't be more, nor will there be less.

However, for large scale Fengshui projects, I'd list everything in the contract with the business owner for mutual protection, for legality purposes.

Feel free to email me your enquiries on my services, no obligations.