Monday, August 4, 2014

What Is Yoga?

What is yoga?

Yoga is often mistaken to be an ancient Indian esoteric exercise available now for all.

It's actually a by-product in the journey towards enlightenment by the yogis, and it is a close guarded practice by a selected few, under the careful guidance of their Masters.

Or till the stage where they can be independent, do they explore on their own.

In the practice, where meditation is also practiced to seek spiritual calmness, awareness and enlightenment, the body goes thru a "reawakening" period where it starts to connect with Mother Nature, and then the Universe.

During different stages, the body will automatically perform different poses to realign the spine, joint into their sockets and bones that may be hereditary or from injuries.

But only after the prior stages are accomplished and carefully practiced. The yoga poses will proceed to be more and more difficult and it has to align with careful breathing rhythm.

By this plane, yoga isn't for everyone, especially those who has serious previous injuries or hereditary issues in the bones alignment and joints.

It's suitable for those who already have a supple body, or have the patience to practice from ground up gradually, coupled with a diet suitable for their body needs.

** Not everyone is suitable to be a vegetarian, or a heavy meat diet.

For those who already lead a stressful lifestyle + less than supple body, attempting complicated yoga poses too soon will add more stress to their heart and lungs, not to mention injuries to the bones, tendons and joints.