Monday, August 4, 2014

The How In Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction.

This book taught of the steps of getting there, it didn't really explain in-depth of the How. I'll briefly highlight its working here.

In the Law of Attraction, we attract what we wanted and/or likes and/or need. However, some people are able to achieve it, but some can't.


Human beings are complicated animals that sometimes, they're unaware of their inner, deeper consciousness. When this unawareness happens, we tend to be attracted to things that we do not really want, but the shallow state of mind wants.

What is the shallow state of mind? Example.

A person has lost his job that he has worked + fought so hard for 20 years. He received a handsome early retirement fund from the company and used it to buy a house.

That house was designed and decorated according to his usual taste, but strangely, after the moving in, he seems to be shrouded in the same misery since losing his job.

Eventhough he's now retired without any worry for money, many mundane things he does do not seem smooth, or as smooth.

What happened?

In the state of highly negative emotion(s), we make a big decision (buying a house counts), and when our state of mind isn't in its calm and peaceful state, it manifest and reflects off on the things we choose.

Our human minds generate energy = it bounces off and reflects on the things that energy corresponds with = gives the result that we expected or unexpected.

In the upheaval state of mind, we are very likely to fall in love with the wrong people, buy the space (house/office) of the wrong energy, make the wrong financial investment and etc.

Otherwise, it would be people who has never attained a state of calm and peace all their life that they're unable to align with good energy people and space (house/office), where they often choose things of the lower or same energy than themselves.

This causes some people to be always having issues or making the same wrong choices, though in different forms and packages.

Now this is where the right Master has to step in, make important decisions on their behalf, or counsel them to tune the energy back on track.

Some call these Masters, fengshui master or psychics.
Some simply call them Teachers.

However, the catch now is, not all masters are attuned to the right energy to pick up things of the same for their clients.

On other note, some people are able to bounce back from highly negative emotion(s) as time goes by, where their usual high energy recovers and regains its footing = back to making right decisions for themselves + attracted to good energy things.

And so, breaks out of the "ill luck" cycle.