Monday, August 4, 2014

How To Pray In The 7th Month

How to pray for the 7th Month.

For those who has the tradition to pray for the 7th Month, below are some of the items to be prepared. Those who don't have the tradition can miss it.

But once you start, you have to follow through.

The 7th Month is a month for the lowly beings on holiday on the Chinese mortal world, but the westerners don't have the tradition and they're all ok, no?

Meaning, the Westerners don't suffer repercussions for not praying to spirits in the lunar 7th Month, right?  So it's about culture imprinted into our DNA system.

Lowly beings are not wise spiritual beings, and have all the emotions like us as stated in the bible and Buddhist scriptures. They like nice things like us so on this month, we give it to them.

In the 7th Month, adult and children spirits will be unleashed, so it's sensible to provide for all of them. The quantity and quality can vary according to your budget.

You don't have to break your bank for it.

- Cooked meat (2 - 3 kinds of any kind)
- Pastries or cakes of any kind
- Fruits (3 kinds of any kind)
- Carbo e.g cooked noodles/rice (1 - 2 of any kind)
- Tea
- Alcohol drinks
- Dessert
- Snacks e.g potato chips
- Soft drinks or caffeine drinks
- Hard boiled eggs, 10 - 20 of them
- Cookies or biscuits (3 kinds of any kind, preferably familiar ones from the 70s on)
- Veggie (1 - 2 of any kind)
- Candies
- Milk (flavoured or not)
- Incense
- Joss paper (过路钱,金银纸,往生咒纸,纸衣服)

If you have the resource to buy more variety of Buddhist Scripture paper from Taiwan, it would be better = to cleanse them of any lingering emotions or injuries sustained from the death, to prepare them for a new reincarnation.

You can choose to throw away everything after the ritual.