Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Beware Of Fengshui Masters' Stunts To Make More Money From You

Be very careful of Fengshui masters who says the house need to be audited every year. It's a money-making stunt.

Excuse 1 = "Every year will have different flying stars' positions, so will affect your family."

Fact = Before this notion came about, people have been living without this stunt for eons, generations of people have came by this way, which family has been badly affected by this thought? Only poorly done Fengshui by poorly trained or bad Fengshui masters.

Excuse 2 = "Next year is your very bad year, so need to relook your Fengshui then to stabalise everything."

Fact = What has to come, will come. No human effort has ever stopped destined things to happen e.g if I'm to die by choking on a fishball tomorrow, nothing can change it, and no one can change it. If it can be changed, it's not destiny. Life has it's peaks and troughs, learn the lesson from it and move on.