Thursday, July 10, 2014

Appeasing Karmic Debtors

Many Asians in the Buddhism or Taoism religions have a nagging fear for the karmic debts and debtors = 怨亲债主。

They've a fear of meeting ill luck caused by them, and there are many tales (some true, some not) of how the karmic debtors cause issues to their lives.

Before we look into how useful the rituals are to appease the karmic debtors, we have to be mindful of a most important thing that will let them set us free = our mind.

Everyone has their flaws and weaknesses, no one can escape it.

When we are able to look at our flaws and weaknesses with an open mind to change and wisdom to overcome it, we will have less problems from our karmic debtors.

Examples like gambling, infidelity, spendthrift, gluttony etc, the 7 sins as depicted in the Bible are mentioned in the Asian religious scriptures too.

These are the very things that make us make the wrong decisions for ourselves, and lead us to bad results e.g bad relationships, poor health, bad career, unstable finances.

When we have the strong will not to commit the mistakes that will upset our lives, we will be able to avoid many mishaps that in turn, appease the karmic debtors that you are not the old you.

They will be likely to let you off.

However, having overcame your own weaknesses doesn't mean that everyone is able to do it. We must not discriminate those who cannot cross the river of weaknesses for being weak.

It's like a poor farmer finally made it rich doing business and look down on farmers who are still poor.

All of us have different issues and the level of it to grapple with, having passed our own doesn't mean others have the same will or means to beat it.

When we don't have this discrimination and have the heart to pray for others to gain wisdom and strength, our karmic debtors will even send us their blessings.

Hardly anyone hear of karmic debtors sending their blessings to the creditors, right?

As karmic debtors are not high energy beings, they retain the same emotions like most of us human beings.

When they see good, they're happy.
When they see bad, they're unhappy.
When they're being threatened, they have fear.
And so on.

So when we are positively good that came from deep within our hearts, they will be happy that we've repented, turned over a new leaf and move on.

Moving on, this is one of the most important step to take for so many of us out there.