Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Free I-Ching Talk For Career & Businesses On 18th June, 2011. From 12pm - 1.30pm

I-Ching is the mother of all Chinese oracles -- Fengshui, Bazi, Ziwei Doushu etc came from I-Ching. 

However, more interest are geared towards the other oracle styles than I-Ching itself.

In this 1.5 hour talk, audience will be able to take away the following:

1.  The workings and philosophy of I-Ching.
2.  Why it is so difficult to understand and learn I-Ching.
3.  Why it is still highly relevant in the modern world today.
4.  Why I-Ching has nothing to do with superstition.
5.  How I-Ching guide us in our daily lives in every situation in positive action.
6.  Why I-Ching has a part in our career and business.
7.  How it makes a difference on our business and career.
8.  How to learn I-Ching fast in this modern, stressful world and society.

Audience are invited to prepare questions for me on their current business or career obstacle(s) so I can analyse and dissect on the spot for the solution. 

The obstacle(s) can come in many ways e.g inter-human relation, stagnancy in sales, how to get a promotion, how to negotiate a contract, how to expand etc etc

The more questions prepared for me, the more I can exemplify how I-Ching work proactively on our lives instead of superstitions.

If the audience has any question on Fengshui, I would be able to field them too.

This talk will be a combination of practical I-Ching theories and showing the audience how it works through the lively Q&A.  Everyone will receive a write-up on the talk with all the points discussed and are welcomed to fill additional notes for their future reference.

There'll also be an introduction of my I-Ching course, personal consultancy and business services too.  Audience are also welcomed to enquire without obligations.

Register to attend this talk via email -- mail@unripplethewater.com.  Please state if you'd be bringing any guest.  Only 25 seats available.

Venue address:  Sanctum, 66A Haji Lane (second level), S'pore 189259
Date:  18th June, 2011
Time:  12pm - 1.30pm
Language medium:  80% English, 20% Mandarin

Please note that a reply email to you means I've received and booked the seat(s) for you, otherwise, please check that the email address sent is correct.  Thank you.