Monday, April 4, 2011

What Every Fengshui Master, Psychic, Fortune Teller, Medium, Reader, Meditation And Yoga Teacher Should Know

In my course of work, I come across many psychics, fellow Fengshui masters, fortune tellers etc etc by full-time profession or pursuing as an interest.

What alot were not taught from their mentors or teachers was how to protect themselves against negativity, recharging their energy, cleansing and grounding their practise space.

Without these vital information before imparting the skills, the receiver will be subjected to many manifestation of energy drains as they go on.

What will happen

As a reader/meditation or yoga teacher hits 50 - 100 reading sessions/class sessions, he/she is likely to feel a drain in energy that cannot be replaced even after a few good nights' sleep.

Reading for anyone is an energy exchange between the reader and the seeker (or client).  Negative energy from anyone (or anything) can infect without awareness for amateur readers.

Going on, the accumulated energy from seekers give unrestful or disturbed sleep patterns, then waning ability to focus or clear thinking process and then lastly, the physical health starts to suffer.

The sliding of physical health can come in many ways e.g rashes that turns to eczema, chronic backpain, heart serious cases, cancer or stroke that eventually takes away the life.  Cancer or stroke often comes when the reader reaches 60 years old and above.

While for some, from 50 years old on.  I know of temple mediums, psychics and meditation teachers falling very ill after 50 years old, and some of them have to stop their services.

As it goes on, their life turn more rocky.  More and more obstacles come, or relationship with their immediate family members or friend starts to go down, or saving money becomes more difficult etc etc.

One way to see if a reader or spiritual teacher has been "infected" with negative energy, their eyes area could be sunken in and darkened, along with the lips.  Their face could have lost the radiance and turned dull.

Why it happens

Each of us is borne with a level of life-force, or Qi in Mandarin terms.  This is mainly activated and channelled by the pineal gland and exhausted for metaphysical uses e.g doing Fengshui, or tarot reading, or fortune telling etc etc.

Our life-force ensures that we're refreshed after sleep, or after receiving nutrition from food.  Once it lessens, our body will get sluggish till we rest enough = replenish organically.

However, doing readings or giving classes continuously for others (be it to family and friends or the wide public) hinders the replenishment process, our body cannot catch up the rapid and constant loss.

Shouldn't these people already know it in the first place?

In the ancient past, this group of people can only embark on this journey after carefully selected by powerful masters/teachers/gurus themselves.  They underwent a tight series of tests and strict mentoring to make sure they learn everything of the Skill before going into the world.

By that, a Fengshui master takes about 10 years to emerge, a yoga teacher takes at least 5 years, while temple mediums in about 2 years etc etc.  Though for some of very solid innate talent would take half the time, but that happens only one in 5 hundred thousand.

These trades have alot of nitty gritty things to learn and take note of, it's not about going for a 3 month or 6 month course and one is a Fengshui master like now. 

Example, a real Fengshui master needs to know how to do Deliverance and exorcism as negativity may invade a place or someone, this is not about placing crystals or dragons to boost the Qi already.  This is something out of the norm.

** This is also the reason why I don't give dedicated Fengshui courses, though I'd answer questions about them in the I-Ching course for basic understanding.

As time goes, with more and more courses open to train Fengshui masters, psychics, readers etc, these people in turn, open their courses to train others up.  Going on, the dilution of knowledge got passed further and futher down, with more and more people learn nothing of the complete skills.

How should they prevent energy drain

The foremost to do is shielding, it comes in many ways.

Invoking a protective Higher Being before the reading or start of class
Wearing a specially blessed amulet (to be blessed by a very high-level practitioner)
Wearing a specially blessed pendant of a Higher Being (ditto above)
Visualizing a diamond protective bubble that encases your whole being (after you're recharged and successfully energised)
Visualizing a bright golden light emitted from within your heart to out of the skin (ditto above)

Shielding helps the process of the reading (and giving classes) too, it prevents one from being "infected" by negative energy that sometimes can be very strong for one to be accurately read.

Besides spiritual shielding, it is very important to have a better diet than the average masses for readers and such teachers.  One can take health supplements to help detox and tonic the body system to encourage the Qi to flow better.

I take acidophilus, MSM, vitamin C, chlorella and traditional Chinese herbal soups to my body constitution.  Different people have different needs, it'd be best to seek someone knowledgeable in this to advise rightly.

Cleansing the practise space

Whether one does readings or gives meditation or yoga lessons in an office or private residence, it's elemental to cleanse and ground the space.

Everyone of us has some level of negativity like dirt or dust to the floor, if we constantly allow people to visit our space without doing any cleansing, negativity will accumulate and attract illnesses or poor tempers to anyone living or working there.

A simple cleansing procedure that is mostly effective -- Mop the floor of the practise ground with a weak baking soda solution.  Baking soda has a high content of sodium, and sodium is a very good negativity cleanser. 

Otherwise, one can go a bit further with seasalt solution, about 1 tablespoon to a pail of tap water.

** Do note that you need to rinse off these first mop with a second round in plain tap water.

Cleansing can be done with burning sandalwood (檀香) and/or aloeswood (沉香) powder + black and white mustard seeds (黑、白芥子) + benzoin (安息香) + frankincense (乳香) + a chant of mantra/scripture for 3 or 7 or 9 or 21 times + open windows for ventilation.  For some, it'd be good to burn a high quality Tibetan incense called 除障香.

** The above can be done once a week.

Then periodically, cleanse the space with visualization of pure white light from the Universe descending into the space with scripture chantings of mantras like 大悲咒 or 佛顶尊胜陀罗尼咒.  One can play the scripture chantings with a CD player too.

** The above can be done once a week.

Then place 安忍水 (5 parts seasalt : 2 parts water + 5 copper coins/pieces in a open-top glass or ceramic container) in 3 corners of the practise ground.  Change the solution weekly or bi-weekly, depending on situation.

Do note that the above information may not work 100% for everyone, as the level and degree of accumulation varies differently.

Grounding the practise space

The practise space is where one receive their clients or students = this is an open area where almost anyone can come in.  With that, one may not know who these group of people are in contact with, or what they do in their daily lives = we do not know how clean their Qi is.

This is why it is important that the practise space have to be "secured" from negativity.  The following are some basic steps.

Cleanse the space physically and spiritually first with the above ways.
Depending on your faith, place sacred symbols or specially blessed items (small ones will do fine) in all corners of the space.
Conceal the symbols/items so hardly anyone can see it physically.
"Recharge" these corners periodically.
Cleanse the practise space periodically too.

You need to be paid

With exception to special cases (very poor and/or in debt), a Fengshui master or psychic or reader has to be paid, this is an Universal exchange that no one should ignore.  Failing this causes one's Qi to be excessively given out without return.

And it doesn't have to be expensive.

One can fix a number they like or specially drawn to, as fee e.g $38 or $21 or $53.  As long as the amount is fixed, it's ok to run along already.

You need rest

As like all working individual, one needs to be on-leave and take time to rest, be it going on a retreat (to upgrade the skills) or a vacation to see the world.

These are critical for one to be in touch with the changing world and learn more of the human race. No one master learns everything of the world in a seating or mentoring course.  Life is a never ending cycle and learning will never end too.