Saturday, April 16, 2011

33 Free Consultations

Dear All,

I've decided to do some charity this year with 33 free consultations for the needy or desperate.  Below are the conditions to quality.

Chronic illness that traditional and conventional medicine cannot intervene or detect the cause for at least 3 months.
In debt or legal tussle for no reason.
In prolonged period of exceptional bad luck (loss of job + serious illness + serious family quarrels + exhausted savings).
Very poor inter-human relationships no matter what they do.
Suspicion of negative entity possession.
Married couple suddenly wanting a divorce for no reason.
Child fall very ill suddenly for no reason and has not recover for 3 months.
Sightings of spirit at home and all masters engaged cannot help.
Business/career suddenly dip tremendously.
Sudden depression for 3 months and less than 1 year.
Repeated same nightmare for at least 20 times.

Person must be very poor to unable to afford my consultation fee, or desperate for help after having exhausted all avenues.

However, it's my prerogative to decide if I want to take up a case, if I know the requester has the means to pay and ask for a free consultation, I'll reject him/her.

All cases will be accepted on first-come-first-serve and case-by-case basis.

Do recommend to anyone you think needs some help for their lives.  If you'd like to help these people in another way, you're free to donate any amount of money for the cause too, as all material given to the needy will be free from me.

I'll give special blessings to those who donate money for their kindness and give a free brief reading via email, though the money isn't the most important thing.  It's reaching out to those who really needs help.

All cases will be reviewed via email - 

Please make the appointments via email too.

This offer stays till the 33 free consultations are fully taken up.

Geno Ong