Thursday, March 10, 2011

艺人和一些行业的特殊能量需要 Unique Energy Needs Of Celebrities & Etc (In Mandarin)

Video brief:

- Professions like celebrities, nurses, doctors, salespeople have unique energy needs due to their constant contact with different people

- Different people have different "energy imprint" that the more negative ones can affect other people, especially these professions

- This is why people in these professions tend to feel more fatigue and loss of energy easily, same goes to those jobs that has constant touch with electronics

- There're ways to deal with such issues e.g exercises that sweat. Sweating exercises is very important to flush out toxins in the body.

- But not necessarily heavy impact ones, Taiji or Qigong can produce much sweat too.

- Good sleep at night is very important to rejuvenate the cells and organs.

- Take note on the diet intake = nutrition level for the body.

- Meditation is also very good to flush out toxins in the body

- Visit places of Mother Nature, mountains are very grounding while the sea enhances creativity