Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This Thing About Fengshui

Fengshui.  Some people believe in it, some don't.

Before I start on if and how it works, lets have a brief look into the history of Fengshui for some background understanding.  And from that, you'll get to understand it better.


I-Ching is the mother of all Chinese oracles and traditional Chinese medicine (from the theory of 5 elements).  

Fengshui's basic principles came from I-Ching too, but as time goes, with different schools of thoughts emerged, it evolved to rules of its own.

How our Chinese ancestors do Fengshui in the past?

A saying goes in our industry, and only those who have a solid passing of Fengshui skills from good masters would have heard of it.


In English, it meant, "The best observe the stars, the 2nd ones look for water sources, the 3rd grade walk around the whole mountain with a Chinese compass (Luo Pan)."

The compass was invented a long time ago, but it wasn't very portable and most of the times, owned by the local magistrate and the Royal Palace. The commoners in the past have no access to such "technology", they only take all sowing and reaping instructions from the Royal Palace, where there's a team of astrologers plotting the charts of the stars to create the annual calendars and predict climate changes.

Our modern Luo Pan was invented around Ming Dynasty, and by then, many schools of Fengshui thoughts have already surfaced.  So how did our forefathers do up their Fengshui if there wasn't any Luo Pan?

The ancient Fengshui experts determine the directions and annual changes in the Qi (which is electro-magnetic field, or EMF) from observing the stars.  They plot the stars' routes and changes then go on to service their clients from the findings.

Is that it? Is Fengshui just about stars?

There's alot more.

The 2 main schools of thoughts in Fengshui is the Directional School and the Environmental School.  The Drirectional School is self-explanatory, it looks in the right directions for the different spots.

The Environmental School requires the Fengshui master to be keenly observant for signs and elements a spot may have.  Example, a good Fengshui land would have good water = smooth to the throat, colorless, odourless, pleasant tasting (a tinge of sweetness) to the tongue. 

There're many more signs to good and bad Fengshui spots, the water context is just one of them.

The ancient Fengshui masters need to look out for all the subtleties before making their conclusion whether a spot has good or bad Fengshui.  And what use that spot has, as not all good Fengshui spots can be residential or commercial land.

80% of the Fengshui principles are highly rational and realistic, it's up to the Fengshui masters to understand them and apply accordingly.  It's like 2 fresh, juicy chickens given to 2 cooks, and 2 different results ensued, one may be good and another bad.

It's not the fault of the chicken to turn out bad.

How about the rituals?

Fengshui has rituals, and these rituals are created and evolved as a means of respect to our Mother Earth, the Universe and all beings in the system.  Human is a breed of beings for routine, without the rules of discipline and moral education, we'll easily stray.

This is why the Fengshui rituals are in place -- To remind us that we're one with the Mother Earth and the Universe, we're part of the big Family and that we need to accept and respect the fact.

I've heard about Fengshui set-ups that don't work

There're many factors for a Fengshui set-up to work.

The Fengshui master himself/herself must have the skills.
He/she has to give rational advise to clients = one needs to work hard too, for good tidings to come.
The client must have the right attitude towards Life = not sitting for business/good relationship to come in.
The client must understand their own flaws and weaknesses and work on it.

Many people assumed that with a great Fengshui master in place and a good office/house located with a great set-up done, they don't have to work hard anymore, they don't have to work on good inter-personal relationships.

We must not dismiss the fact that God helps those who help themselves, we need to apply a sense of rationality towards Life so we get to be a better and better person.

A good Fengshui set-up gives an inexplicable sense of security, well-being and comfort in the house/office, it will give a good flow to our jobs and family relationships, but everything stops here.  

If we're to take every good thing for granted, the Fengshui effect will not last because the human will is a most powerful tool to lasting prosperity, peace, health and happiness.

Some people don't need Fengshui and they're doing so well

Yes, by the good work of their Karma accumulated in previous lives, the current life's kismet would be better aligned to the goodness of humanity.  Or stay/work in a place where the Fengshui isn't very ideal and yet, things go more or less ok for them.

And the reverse holds true.

Because of accumulated Karma, all of us has a certain "auto-pilot" system within that draws us to good or bad things (which, is alot of times highly subjective at foresight), these "lucky" people pick the right jobs, the right spouse, the right friends, the right house without any guidance.

And the reverse holds true.

I know of a very rich Singaporean businessman who invited a Fengshui master friend to his house for a gathering, and the Fengshui master said, "Your house and the decor Fengshui is basically flawless."  That businessman has never engaged any Fengshui master to select the house and do the reno prior.

This is a true story and happened to some of my friends around.  These people are not likely to believe in Fengshui either.  They believe that hard work and good personalities always give good results because this is how their lives and friends around them are.

This was also what I believed too, before my current vocation.  I belonged to the "lucky" group who get things if I work hard for it, whom has good solid friends that won't give us trouble etc etc.  But the reality isn't such for all.

I've seen people who are good-natured, very positive mind and yet surrounded by issues, I've seen people dedicated to their job, well-liked by peers and get retrenched or fired when the time comes.

So what gives?  Is Life unfair?

Life is clarity to those who know how the delicate Karma balance sheet work, and very unfair to those who don't.  My path so far has me realised that everything that happened has a valid reason behind, that is if we know it.

So how do I choose the right Fengshui master?

You may like to refer to this previous entry of mine to have an idea.