Thursday, March 3, 2011

二手货的禁忌 Concerns Of 2nd Hand Goods (In Mandarin)

Brief of the video:

- 2nd hand goods has remnants of previous owner's energy

- Especially paintings, antiques, religious idols, furniture etc

- 2nd hand clothes are especially sensitive as it'll pick up the health Qi and pathogens may remain if it's not thoroughly cleaned before selling/giving off

- Most 2nd hand goods will not present any issue but it's better to take some simple steps for the Qi cleansing before use

- Pomelo leaves water + 5-color flowers, or crystal elixir water for a wipe down

- Then dry under sun for 3 days, better if can leave out in the open for 3 days and night to regenerate the Qi

- If one knows any religious scripture or mantras, it can be chanted to the item as an additional support

- Symptoms of poor Qi 2nd hand goods/antique to the owner and family within 1 -3 months = spirit/ghost sightings, poor health/sleep patterns (little sleep and/or nightmares/weird dreams), lost job, family quarrels etc

- The above can happen individually or in a combination with different degree of effects

- If the above advised cleansing methods don't work, a suitable master should be engaged to resolve the issues, or return the item back to the shop/seller