Friday, February 25, 2011

什么是煞气 What Is Sha-Qi? (6.83MB, In Mandarin)

Video brief:

- 2 different kinds of Sha-Qi, tangible ones and intangible ones.

- Tangible ones are what we can see, hear and smell.

- Intangible ones can be detected by professional Fengshui masters and some people who have sharp intuitions.

- Sha-Qi affects people in different ways e.g health, emotions, relationships with people, financial creation and management, poor sleep, frequent bad dreams etc.

- Sha-Qi, on the more complex level, can attract wandering spirits into a house/office.

- Sha-Qi happens in different ways e.g bought antiques/paintings of dubious background, place Qi already poor, accident-prone places etc

- Most of the times, pets, children below 9 years old and elderly people are able to pick up existences of Sha-Qi better.

- Sometimes, plants can too, if they wilt easily even with all the proper care and attention.

- There're ways to negate simple Sha-Qi.

- Crystals, but have to be properly advised on which to buy, how to cleanse and where to place it.

- Salt lamp, it gives out negative ions to balance the atmosphere ions.

- Good wood charcoal (Sumi Charcoal), they give out negative ions, far-infra red rays, and balances the humidity level.

- If all else fails, one would have to hire a very good Fengshui master to find out the causes and provide a solution.