Thursday, February 17, 2011

如何维持居家风水 Maintaining Your House Fengshui (11.84 MB, In Mandarin)

Brief of the video:

- Do not hoard old newspaper, books, shoes, things that you're not using in the house.

- Throw out all old, expired medications annually so as not to invoke the Illness Negativity.

- Maintain a level of cleanliness of the house from dust, cobwebs and smells.

- Keep living room and kitchen lights on before going to sleep, a dark house before sleeping is bad for your aura.

- Fix all dim or flickering or broken lights as it'll affect dwellers' aura.

- Fix all cracks on the wall be it paint or plaster as it affects the skin condition and "face" of the dwellers, so as not to "lose face" etc.