Sunday, February 13, 2011

找房子的风水要素 Fengshui House Hunting Tips (11.7 MB, In Mandarin)

Brief of the video:

- This is for those who don't have a budget to hire a Fengshui master for house-viewings to pick the right unit before the Fengshui set-up.

- Take note of external negativities e.g hospitals, police-stations, polyclinics, antennas, radar, big exposed water drains, trash centres etc.

- Observe house owner's dynamics, happy, healthy, radiant face may mean good house energy.

- Observe if the house has odd or musty smells, it means the energy flow is very stagnant if it is.

- Ask for a cup of boiled, plain water to drink (ask if it comes from their tap), if it's smooth to the throat without any discoloration etc, it may indicate good energy in the house.

- Inquire why they're selling the house, observe their eyes. If they're selling to clear debts, beause of divorce etc, then the house energy is likely bad.

- If there're sickly elders or children in the house, if house pet is a dog and is lethargic, it's likely that the house energy is poor.