Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fengshui - Basic Tips To Sell Your House

With the current hot property market, some people are eager to sell of their houses to upgrade to a condo or a landed property. 

But with the latest government ruling, their current apartment or house has to be sold before a new transaction can be through.

Many viewings and some looking very interested, why is it that at the end of the day, the house isn't sold?

Discounting the fact that there're alot of choices in the market, there're actually some little Fengshui tips to help one to have the house sold as fast as it can.

What I'll be sharing today are basic tips all home-owners must prepare themselves for comes to selling their house.  While it's not exhaustive, the points will serve as a good rule of thumb to observe if they'd like a good and fast transaction.


Presenting your house to strangers take an effort to keep a good image, do put in abit of time to clean up the house of cobwebs, spills, stains etc so your house looks at least presentable.


Alot of houses have been lived for 10 years or more, the dwellers may not notice but without diligent housekeeping, old furniture, curtains, plants, pets etc etc will give off an odor that is apparent to house-hunters. 

Such odor is a negative energy in the view of Fengshui.  Have a good scrub down with baking soda instead of strong-smelling powerful detergent will give the house a new look and odorless welcome to viewers.

1 pack of baking soda (about 100gm - 150gm) in the baking section cost about SGD$1.50.

Lights in the house

Always remember to switch on all the lights in the house to give a sense of brightness to house-hunters in the evening.  This makes your house look more attractive than just some main lights in the living room and kitchen switched on. 

Brightness, in the view of Fengshui, gives off a positive energy.  Especially when alot of house-viewings are done in the evening after work.

Correction work

With the above point, do put in an effort to replace all dim or flickering or dead lights in the house before any house-hunter come.  Poor or dead lights give very bad energy signals to house-hunters.


Sewage or drainage pipes in the house must be unblocked and cleared before it's open for any house-viewings.  Like lights it should be fixed before any house-viewings too.

Choked pipes in the house is bad energy in the Fengshui perspective, it means obstacles to the house-owners.


If external environment of your house has little greenery, meaning, it's surrounded by mainly concrete blocks of flats etc, you can place 2 pots of leafy plants in the living room to add more living energy in your house.

In the Fengshui perspective, too much concrete gives off a stagnant energy, which in turn, is unappealing to people.  This tip is only suitable for house owners of such environment.

For those who have rows of plants at the corridor of your apartment or garden in the landed property, do remember to prune away all the dead or dying bits.  Without that, they give off an unappealing negative energy to prospective house-hunters and affect the prospects of a fast sale for you.

The above points are some basic tips to help smoothen a house selling process, if all of the above are done and yet the sale is rocky, do engage a good Fengshui consultant or reader to have a deeper look at the causes and advise further.