Monday, January 10, 2011

什么是好的风水 What Is Good Fengshui? (In Mandarin)

Brief of the video:

- Good Fengshui set up is ergonomic, it won't cause movement inconveniences to the dwellers.

- It also means giving balance in the family in forms of health, emotions, wealth creation and management.

- It also means not to specially boost 1 person's luck and affect another one in the family.

- Good Fengshui gives one a comfortable, welcoming feeling when one steps into the place.

- Example of poor Fengshui, one may feel "wrong" in some places or houses. The intuition and feelings can tell alot.

- However, not everyone has sharp feelings or intuitions for it, so a keen observation has to come in.

- Happy pets, children below the age of 9, thriving plants, healthy elders, odorless air, warm and happy neighbours etc are indicators of good Fengshui or Qi.