Monday, January 17, 2011

米缸的风水 The Fengshui of Rice Bin (In Mandarin)

Brief of the video:

- Rice to the Chinese means wealth and material stability in life.

- Placement of the rice bin will affect the financial creation and management of the dwellers of the house. Eventually, it will affect the health too.

- Wrong placement may cause more spending than savings, loss of fine taste in the rice.

- Placement affects the Qi of the rice that will lead to how it affects us.

- If the rice lost it's good taste and texture soon after opening, it may mean the placement is wrong.

- Good placement means letting the rice absorb good Qi or energy so it vitalise the dwellers. Do not place under the sink, near electronic items (fridge etc), or the trash bin, these are poor energy areas and so not for food.

- Color of the rice bin is very important too. Harsh colors like black, white, red, blue are out. Earthy tones are more recommended.