Wednesday, January 26, 2011

光线和风水 Brightness And Fengshui (In Mandarin)

Brief of the video:

- Qi and energy of the Sun is highly important since ancient times.

- It determines the brightness of the house, the aura and health of a person, and the Fengshui of a place.

- Brightness now is an issue with invention of glass.

- Many houses have too much brightness in the house, causing imbalance and giving negativity. Too much of a good is bad.

- This will affect emotional health, sleep quality, tempers with members of the family, downward spiral of luck etc.

- If plants wilt easily with all parameters well taken care of, it may mean the house energy is too harsh from the natural and reflected lights.

- Color tones for such houses must be soft, or more earthy, depending on the house-owners' 8-Characters.

- Solid colors are too stimulative, and will cause emotional and health issues, which will lead to downward spiral of luck.

- Excessive white color in many modern houses is too harsh in these aspects, may lead to female (gynea) issues for some cases. And for some, will feel alot of heatiness and affect respiratory system.

- Have certain walls in other colors to mitigate the effect.

- Color choice is to be selected by experienced Fengshui masters to be on the safeguard.