Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fengshui - How To Choose The Right Fengshui Consultant Or Reader

With the prevalence of Fengshui, Tarot, Numerology and New Age courses abound, how do you know if the Fengshui consultant you hire is a good one?

This entry will guide you on the know-hows.

Will those "certified" Fengshui consultant or reader suffice?

Unfortunately, it's a resonant no.

Fengshui consulting and readings are as complex as Life itself - No one on this earth runs on a fix formula from a certain birthdate and time that texbooks or teachers (or most "Masters") can teach.  Fengshui and readings run on a highly empirical model with 50% psychic ability and 50% hard skills trainings (textbook and teachers) to get things accurate.

With the various Fengshui schools of thoughts (at least 4 major ones) since the Chinese civilization, there is a reason for their existence and it'd be bigotry to think having learnt 1 school would be sufficient to open shop.

Even chefs know recipe books can only give so much to a good dish.

Fengshui or readings courses only teach the (textbook) hard skills principles and not the highly intangible ones like the Qi (energy, or, EMF) of the space or person to make a critical diagnosis.  Giving Fengshui services from such purely academic background is likely to make mistakes for their clients at worst, and no results at best.

How do we choose the right ones?

Very simply, test these "masters" before you give them your business.

A good Fengshui consultant would be a psychic too, so always seek to make a face-to-face appointment with them before giving them your money.  Once in, ask what they can tell you to test how high their psychic ability is, for without, it means they're highly unlikely to sense the Qi of your house or office to know what's good and bad.

And by testing them, it means you do not provide any question for them to start off or, any detail about yourself like your birthdate and time.  To be absolutely safe, test them further by getting them to reveal your working environment the personality, gender and physical attributes of your boss and/or your closest working peer etc.

If they got it right, then you're ready to hire them to do up your Fengshui.

As for readers of any sort, be prepared to walk out of their office if they need you to furnish them any information of yourself and the question you seek them for.

A good psychic do not need any detail or question to start with. They should be rattling off everything they see with their I-Ching, or Tarot cards, or numerology etc without anything from the client.You're unlikely to need to ask anymore after all that they've said, or you'd need to ask very little.

Setting a good Fengshui consultant apart from the rest

He/she would be able to tell you how individual room, kitchen, living room, toilet etc have an effect on the dwelling member(s) immediately after they read from the Luo Pan (geomancy compass) in your office/house.

They will not be confusing the client with talks of the 5 elements but inform them how living in the existing office/house is like.Meaning, they'll be able to touch on the emotions, career, financial health etc etc of the office/house/room dweller(s).

This will be one of the strongest indicator to the right Fengshui consultant.

Fengshui must be audited by the Fengshui consultant ONLY

If they're not taking the Luo Pan readings and doing the Fengshui set up personally, do not engage them.  A good Fengshui consultant may delegate taking down the details to their PA but they must personally read the Luo Pan and come up with the set-up themselves.

Set expectations first

After you've ascertained the Fengshui consultant is good, the next step would be asking the additional cost to set up your house/office.  You need to know if they'll make you buy one of those $888 or $8,888 "lucky" items for your house.  An ethical Fengshui consultant will not make their client buy exorbitant products, and will not insist that you purchase from them.

A good Fengshui consultant will do minimal yet efficient set-up and not clutter the place with too much items or clashing colors.

I've corrected a few Fengshui set-ups for clients from hiring the wrong ones in the past so I thought it would be good to share the correct guidelines to hiring a right Fengshui consultant.

A good one don't go by heavy marketing in the various media, and it doesn't mean going on TV or being interviewed by the press means they're good.

A cautious consumer needs to be especially mindful when it comes to parting their money for something big as Fengshui as it can have a disastrous effect on lives if done wrongly.

A wrong pair of shoes purchased can be thrown away but a poor Fengshui set-up will only leave the consumer helpless.