Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spirituality - What Is A Psychic

To many people, psychic means someone who can communicate with the dead or, someone who can do readings or, Fengshui, but this isn't so.  There're many different categories to people who offer spiritual services and real psychics are on a very high level of the hierarchy.

First off, people who go into a trance to communicate with the different (religion) deities or with the dead are called mediums.  They need to be in specific environmental conditions to go into the state for the communication bridge to be up, and they can't offer comprehensive help beyond communicating.  Hence, they are not psychics.

Then comes the readers. 

A reader via a medium (e.g rice, Tarot cards, coins etc) are mostly people who have a certain level of clairvoyance ability.  They can read into the short-term future and the better ones can describe details like how another party looks like and/or the decor of an office/house.  Readers can't provide services beyond that e.g of a medium.

Hence, they're not psychics too.

Then comes the healer.

As the name suggests, they heal chronic or terminal diseases to the best of their ability.  There'll be cases they cannot handle and would have to turn the seeker away.  And like the above others, healers cannot provide services beyond their arena.

Then what are psychics? 

Who these people are

They are ones who have accumulated many lifetimes of various learnings to be here to help others who need it.  Psychics often can provide healing, medium, reading services, Fengshui etc to different needs.  They are also one of those who have exceptional ability to focus and think very fast on their feet.

Are psychics different people?

They look no more different from the average Joe on the streets, and the masses normally can't detect a psychic out in a crowd.  Psychics may hold a day job but most of them devote full-time to their services.  Real psychics will not reveal their unique ability to strangers unless they know the stranger is in dire need and they can help.

They will weigh the situation carefully to speak their mind and can deliver anywhere should the situation calls for.

Psychics behave and speak normally like the masses, and will not appear spaced-out or in a constant daze.  They will not speak frivolously to everyone of what they see/hear to respect the opposite party's desire.  They may or may not charge a fee for their services but will offer it free to the poor who can't afford.

They will know who are the real poors and ones who spend poorly, and will not get their clients to spend thousands of dollars buying "blessed" products widely available in the market.  They may have genuine religious artefacts to be sold to the right client at a high price but those will not be easily found.

Psychics need not be vegetarian but they will not harm the environment by going for the exotic flora or fauna.  Their dietary needs are the same as the masses.

Evolution of the psychics

There're always psychics throughout human history to help the uninformed, the ill and the lost with their next step or direction in life.  As human evolve, psychics will evolve as well to be in touch with the times to deliver their services better to the masses.

It's critical in this case as a job of a psychic is not unlike a doctor's role -- Their agenda is about others.  This is why a real psychic cannot afford to be out of touch with the world.  They must be articulate, well-learnt in various healing methods, well-versed in different religion doctrine and their rituals, with some knowledge of the various sciences in their time.

In short, they must be well-learnt and constantly upgrade themselves.

The extra edge psychics have

Real psychics have an extra edge above others: They can negotiate with the Dark should the client is tangled in it.

As we know there are deities, God, angels etc, there'll be ghosts, demons and the Devil.  A real psychic worth his/her salt must know how to negotiate their client's release and secure Deliverance for that Dark.  The Devil will not touch the masses most of the time for it's one's Karma to be haunted by the Dark.

We need to understand why a Dark spirit won't look for others but a particular one.  It has to be either of unresolved past lives' issues or offending it willfully on the current plane.  And a real psychic worth their salt will not seek to exterminate the Dark spirit but negotiate the client's release, then Deliver it to a better realm.

However, the psychic will need to battle a human Dark practitioner (one who dabbles in curses and the Dark spirits) bent on harming the masses should they encounter one.  These are unique situations only a very well-trained, high-level psychic can touch.  For losing the battle often means losing their life or reduced to the paralysing state.

A real psychic will encounter human Dark practitioners a few times in their life.

As for the Devil, he will only challenge the real psychics to test them and not the common people, only the real psychics are their choice.  The Devil isn't interested in the common people at all.

** Do note that some mediums can deliver this service but, it's a high rarity.

And only a real psychic can do past life regression for their clients, something not even mediums, healers, readers, Fengshui practitioners can touch.

Who cannot be psychics?

People who have serious hereditary/innate mental or health issues cannot, and must not be a psychic.  Next comes those with family history of the 2 above issues eventhough they're not afflicted. 

These are deadly loopholes for the Devil or the Dark practitioner to bore into when the situation comes.

Serious health issues e.g hole-in-the-heart, below than average height and weight, disabled from birth defects etc.

How do one know if they are psychic?

There'll be signs from young if one has a psychic blood in them, and one must know that a higher 6th sense do not constitute a psychic leaning.  It will at most be leaning towards a reader/medium/healer, but not a psychic.

The below points are not exhaustive and conclusive, and one would need to exhibit at least 3 of the below points before considering the possibility.

  1. Deja vu dreams and turned out to be true
  2. Ability to see entities from the Light, or some call it the Above
  3. Ability to recite ancient mantras without prior learning
  4. Ability to exhibit mudras without prior learning
  5. Sharp 6th sense, or intuition
  6. Ability to revive small dying plants and/or animals
  7. Ability to hear calming, sweet melodies from the "sky", meaning, it seems as if it comes from above
  8. Ability to sense people's thoughts
  9. Feeling of being in this lifetime for an inexplicable "purpose"
  10. Ability to sense the energy level of a place strongly
  11. Ability to go into meditation state very easily after first learning it
  12. Ability to see bursts of very bright lights (may be of different color) in meditative state

Do note that a real psychic will not encounter "disturbances" from young, only having these abilities or senses. 

Someone who is disturbed by any of the above points will need to seek professional clearance first on their mental and physiological health then look into the metaphysical aspects if modern medical means cannot explain or resolve.

It is alright to be fearful of the sightings and hearings because not everybody has it.  There're people who has successfully closed the abilities and some can't.

What happens to people who dabbles in mediumship/spiritual healing/readings/past life regression/Fengshui willfully?

One of the easiest way to detect is their physical health. 

 Their health will regress progressively after some years of working in any of the above field and their faces will start to look to be in poor health e.g dark, deep eye rings, pale skin and lips color (alternatively, lips color may turn very dark), limp hair, poor sleeping pattern, persistent bad dreams etc etc.

After poor health, one will experience bigger tempers, mood swings, weird voices, hallucinations, inexplicable experiences even their course teachers cannot understand or help.  And then comes a dip in their relationship with people in their lives and lowered performance in their day jobs.

A real psychic has intricate understandings of the metaphysical world and the global population of psychics will not go beyond 0.3% in any one time.  We must understand that it's only in the last 50 years that we see a surge in people looking to learn New Age skills.

It has been an iron Rule since ancient times that only the Chosen Ones can be trained to be a psychic to make up for the natural attrition of the aging Ones.  And only the aging ones can wait for the Chosen Ones to walk into their lives, not starting courses to teach anyone of the skills.

It isn't discrimination but it takes certain strong qualities in one to be a psychic, one who will not bring harm upon others and themselves.

Therefore, it is unethical and irresponsible, where the ultimate result of these teachers is to suffer bad consequences for opening courses to anyone frivolously.