Friday, March 26, 2010

Spirituality - Psychics' Dos And Don'ts

From the previous entry of What Is A Psychic, I'll now highlight the important points that all true psychics must look out for.

It's critical to understand all the major religions' symbols and rituals in the world for a psychic, as in the course of their work, they'll encounter different clients of different religion background who would need help.  It's not enough to know your own spiritual and religion roots only, it'd be utter ignorance to think this way.

For every orthodox religion, there will be a line of an unorthodox Dark side.  So to truly know the way to help your clients without turning anyone away because you cannot deliver, due diligence must be invested to know other religions' doctrines. 

If you're an auditor, you must know how the people cook the books to catch discrepancies.  If you're a police officer, you must know the ways of the crook to be a step ahead. If you're a doctor, you will need to learn different pathogens' pathways to heal your patients.

 This is the law of relativity, no one can escape this route.  Failure to do that is negligence, a very big wrong especially in our line.

However, having said that, it's also very important to understand minor and aboriginal religions too because there can be very powerful curses difficult to unlock unless you have the knowledge to their roots.  This is not telling the psychic to practise everything under the sun, but an arsenal of knowledge will come in useful in times of need.

The keyword is - be informed.

The more you know, the more you're prepared for the Dark side.  And the more you can protect yourself and help your clients.

Symptoms of your client

It is important in our line to have some basic mainstream medical knowledge, to detect true symptoms of the Dark possession/disturbance.  We need to constantly look out for new medical news and breakthrough to upgrade ourselves.  In this era, old news are poor news.

The below points are not exhaustive nor conclusive, it's from good experience and with a good Teacher for one to learn more.

  1. 100% change in voice tone - e.g from male to lady
  2. Speaking an ancient language of a foreign tongue - e.g native Indian speaking ancient Mandarin
  3. Destroying the family religion's altar
  4. Illnesses, physiological issues that doctors can't solve nor detect the cause of the symptoms
  5. Changes of color in the eyeballs
  6. Blood letting from unwounded skin
  7. Insomnia
  8. Weight loss
  9. Persistent vivid nightmares
  10. Sudden downpour of many bad luck altogether - e.g lawsuit + scandal that went onto the media + accident + ill-health + intense family disputes + death of an immediate family member in their prime/youth 

Many of the above points can come from plain neurological issues from past illnesses or brain traumas from accidents.  Point 4, 7, 8, 9, 10 may be due to a place of very poor Fengshui, bad nutrition, or heavy metal poisoning to cause an upheavel in the emotions and concentration, so much detective work has to be done before concluding a Dark possession/disturbance.

Beyond the Dark, it can be from someone bent on creating troubles for the family.  And in this case, it's most easily detectable by looking deep into their eyes (as opposed to staring) for it to show guilt.  A true Dark possession/disturbance is an angry spirit or curse, the afflicted will not show guilt in the eyes. 

For the milder Dark cases, a psychic look will render the spirit/curse asking for help and Deliverance, but you would need to ascertain this fact that it's not a ploy of the sane to mind-play you.

The eyes are windows to the soul and having mastered the skill of detecting eye patterns will serve anyone (not just psychics) alot of good in their life.

If you have established the fact that it's a very bad prank pulled on the family by a sane one, I'd advise you to take a big fat needle to bore into their fingers and toes till blood is drawn.  And then tell their family members the truth.

Oh, and don't forget to get payment for wasting your time.

The detective work

Once you've established that it's indeed a Dark posession/disturbance, you'd need to do alot of background work before going right into solving the issue as you'd need to trace the roots.  Again, they are not exhaustive nor conclusive, it's from good experience and with a good Teacher for one to learn more.

  1. Recent travelling to another country
  2. Any gift received from stranger or friend - ask to see the gift
  3. Picked up anything from anywhere
  4. Dispute with any acquaintance, anywhere
  5. Close contact with anyone religious recently
  6. Constant meeting anyone new in the afterwork

If the family members has no idea of the above (due to poor family relationships), you'd need to do a thorough Reading to track the source.


Never ever seek to exterminate a Dark entity for they're living things like you and me too.  There're reasons they go wayward and it's our duty to negotiate for a release and Deliver them to a better realm so they can continue their Journey and Lessons without harming others in future.

If you've done a wrong, you'd like forgiveness and a chance to repent and turn over a new leaf, no?

The theory is the same.

For negotiation, the basic principles of Why, What, How applies.

Why are you here?
Why are you doing this?
Are you acting on some instructions? --> will touch on this later
What do you want out of them?
I'm here to help you, can I do anything for you?

If the Dark entity is mum about it, you can do a thorough Reading to find out.

Normally a Dark entity comes because of bad, heavy Karma deed(s) done upon in the previous life (or lives) by the afflicted, so the afflicted is never entirely innocent.  This is the basic Universal rule of Cause and Effect.


After the Dark entity aired their grievances, it's time to persuade them to let go and be off to a far better place where there's no hurt, hate and pain.  By this time, you'd need to get the afflicted to kneel, apologise and repent in front of it.

You're the Judge at this stage and reading out the deeds done by the afflicted is your job.  If the afflicted is defensive refusing to admit, you can ask the Dark entity to show themselves and bring the both of them on a Past Life Regression trip where a replay of the deed(s) are shown.

By this point, the afflicted will realise their wrong and regreted.  It'd be time to get him/her to kneel, apologise and repent to the Dark entity.  Ask if it accepts.

It is by this stage that the Dark entity will accept, and you can start the Deliverance ritual.

** You can invoke your religion's Higher Beings for it

Due to my Tibetan Buddhism roots, my usual ritual involves the following:

  • Reciting the necessary scriptures
  • Prepare a high quality lotus flower paper origami made of Tibetan Buddhism scripture for burning
  • Prepare various high quality joss paper of different mantras for Cleansing the Dark entity and the afflicted
  • Invoke the right Bodhisattva(s) to descend to bring the cleansed entity to the right realm
  • Once all these are done, you can go burn the lotus flower paper origami and the other prepared joss paper with the afflicted repeating the Repentance mantra till everything is done burning

There's no need to burn paper houses, gold bars, TV etc etc because a Dark entity has no use, place nor need for them.  To them, having a peace of mind and finally being able to settle down in a right place (or Home) for their future jouney is then their objective.  Nursing a hate or hurt is very draining and painful to an entity.

Very much like a human being.

If the Dark entity comes from an instruction

It'd mean there's a Dark practitioner behind all the trouble and you'd need to prepare for some challenges, likely a battle.

If it's a curse, it'd mean there's no Dark entity involved and you'll need to go direct to the Dark practitioner to break it.  The process involved will need to invoke your Higher Power to descend to help out, but before that, you'd need to have the knowledge for some preparation work - Shielding, setting up the Grid, Defense and Battle, which I'll elaborate later.

If it's a Dark entity sent, you can manifest your True Spiritual Self to get them to betray their loyalty to follow you.  You'd need to be at a much higher power than the Dark practitioner to convince the Dark entity, and this will entirely hinge on your daily Trainings, Practises and Exercises to hone your energy field.

Once the Dark entity betrayed, you can do a Deliverance for them so they don't hang around on Earth to be made used of again.  Dark entities are usually free-ranging earthly spirits after their mortal deaths who have no living family/friends to do the last rites, or those escaped from the Lower Realms to be captured by a sharp Dark practitioners as their spiritual slaves.

Direct invokement of the right Bodhisattva(s), or your religion's Higher Beings and using the tools mentioned above for the Deliverance will do.

Setting up the Grid, Shielding, Space Clearing, Defense and Battle

With or without a Dark practitioner to challenge you or the need to release your client from one of them, there's a need to learn how to set up a Grid, Shield and the Defense techniques for youself.

There will be lower psychics who would, out of ego and pride, want to challenge another psychic to test their abilities or invading your privacy to Read you.  Being Read by another psychic can be a draining and tiring affair so a good, strong defense system must be in force to safeguard our well-being.

Secondly, there're always places of more negativity where the Dark entities lurk, as like places of more positive energy where the Light entities gather.  The Dark entities may not disturb human beings but can sense a psychic coming, and will want to be near him/her to nick some of the positive energy from them as their tonic.

Thirdly, the Devil will be ever ready to test your emotions, inflict the 7 Deadly Sins upon you to stretch your limits.  Always remember to reflect your thoughts, emotions and actions at the end of the day to keep yourself in check.

And often when a psychic does a Reading/Healing/Fengshui/Past Life Regression, the client's past issues will resurface and they're mostly negative energies that can infect.  It's like the pathogens in the air or a flu virus starting to spread around, we need to boost our immunity against them.

Different religion will have different techniques and mantras for these, hence it's critical to find out all of these info prior and practise carefully before coming out offering your services to the masses.  Note any sacred item/herb in your religion that can help you to maintain/boost your spiritual immunity, use them by Practising and Training with them.  They often has a higher frequency and EMF, and will prove to be of great help in many situations.

The better your armour, the more protected you will be when your services are being rendered.

Last but not least, stay calm no matter what.