Monday, March 29, 2010

Spirituality – Past Life Regression

Past life regression is, as the name suggests, a trip made beyond time to find out certain roots to a current issue to overcome it.  There have been cases where addictions, childhood trauma are overcame and people regain confidence in their lives.

However, there're as many cases where the client, instead of being gainfully helped, got into more questions and issues the facilitator can't answer or solve.  In the end, the client was left alone to fend for themselves.

Past life regression must not be attempted on a frivolous whim to know.  It is a process that is in some sense, against the Universal Rules and can only be carried out for very important and specific issues and situations.

This article will highlight some of the important points to past life regression.

What is past life regression?

It's a delicate process to bring someone back into the past to reconcile unfulfilled wishes, hurt, karma so the client can move forward in life.  It has been found that many toxic relationships, money and health issues have roots to childhood trauma and/or past lives problems yet to be resolved.

Everyone has detailed memories of their past lives within their souls, however, these are the Pandora Boxes that God has mercifully kept from us so we learn only lessons of our current lives (they're linked to past lives nevertheless) to pass the Tests in this lifeitme and move on.


Environment -  It's to be conducted in a quiet, dim place (so client will not be distracted by too much or strong lights) of no significant temperature fluctuations.  The client has to be comfortable and fully dressed.  They should eat light before the session in case the surge of emotions cause any puking accident.

Physiological and mental - The client must not be suffering from any major health issue (heart, lung, kidney etc diseases) and most definitely not having any clinically proven mental issues where medication control is needed.  However, these are if the clients declare their state of health, some people are not aware of any existing condition at all which is why the facilitator must have a keen eye to know.

Facilitator - He/she must Grid the conducting place, Shield themselves of possible Dark entities that may come to disrupt the session and be prepared for some Defense mechanism in case unusual issues erupt.

How is it done?

There are 2 ways to do it. 

One is to bring the client into a hypnotic state, then go into a time tunnel (or Age Regression) to where they were in the current lifetime.  Like back to their childhood or when they were at the fetal stage in the womb.  The fetal stage in the womb will render no visual as the eyes were not developed yet, but there'll be audio memories imprinted in the fetus.

The womb is just muscular tissues, hence thin enough to hear very well. 

Another is simply getting the client to close their eyes so they're not distracted, and in a highly conscious state, brought into the time tunnel to where they first were in the womb, then, to important places of the past lives where their soul need to travel to to heal.

A successful past life regression will have the client feeling as if they're right in that era, place, and with the people most importantly linked to that lifetime.  Oftentimes, the client will be able to vividly see (eyes closed), hear, smell, and feel the emotions of that lifetime.

A client in a well-facilitated past life regression will know their name in that lifetime, who they are and what they're doing at that spot, how the people in that scene are related, how things started and ended up that way, and who those people are in the current lifetime. 

Who can deliver past life regression sessions, and who can take them?

Only real psychics can do it. 

Please refer to my previous articles: here, then here to find out more.

Past life regression cannot be carried out by someone who went for some certification courses then administer on any random friend/client/relative because they wants to know their past lives.  This journey can only be used by specific people. 

It's mainly for psychics to regain their past so they carry out their Mission this life, or those who are entangled in very toxic relationships due to bad karma.  Most people will not have enough bad karma to warrant a past life regression.

Bad karma can manifest in different ways either of a singular extreme issue or many together.  Do note that the points below are not exhaustive nor conclusive.
  1. Constantly being picked on from young, even by strangers
  2. Very sickly health since birth
  3. Unknown chronic illness doctors cannot diagnose a why
  4. A number of immediate or extended family members die of painful terminal diseases/freak accidents
  5. A number of immediate or extended family members die of suicides/mental illness-induced suicides
  6. A number of immediate or extended family members borne handicapped/mentally sub-normal
  7. A number of immediate or extended family members are criminals
  8. Very violent, substance abuse parents
  9. Incest
  10. Family history of practising cult or black magic
  11. Denouncing any religion/God and spreading it --> do note that this is different from being an atheist, denouncing has a strong element of condemnation

By mainstream medical tracing, we can attribute many issues to genes, but why are some people borne into bad situations and not others?  It's only when we come into this stage of questioning will we start to understand the power of karma.

It is also easy to say that criminals are ones who are weak-willed, pander to temptations and all, but why are some people grown up this way and not stronger given the same childhood miseries?  This, is also the power of karma.

Some may ask why karma is unfair, being brought over to future lifetimes?  To answer this question, we need to take an analogy - Someone with a simple cold and cough takes a week to heal, to rid the body of the viruses while one with cancer can take years because it's a far more complicated and complex illness.

This is the same with karma.  Heavy karma will take lifetimes to clear the "toxic" while light ones take maybe just 1 lifetime to clear.  And why are some heavy karma never ending?  It's because that he/she refused to listen, to be helped at certain points of their lives, closing the door of Hope themselves.

The world is fair, if we know how it works.


Past life regression is a very big subject.  To more or less have a good understanding of delivering a successful one, without leaving a client out in the cold because of ignorance, one needs to be very well-informed and learnt in many aspects.

  1. Major religions' doctrines and their esoteric meanings
  2. Ability to bring the client out should they're stuck somewhere in the process
  3. Ability to understand spiritual meanings presented in the session and help the client pass the Test
  4. Ability to communicate and negotiate with the Dark entity for a Release
  5. Full suite of psychic background and Trainings
  6. Some level of medical knowledge to help tide the client over their physical health issues after the session e.g how to recuperate and what kind of food/form of exercise to take

Possible dangers for clients doing past life regression

A facilitator who isn't a psychic or a low-level and ill-trained one will give their clients nothing but problems.

As mentioned above, not everyone is suitable to take up a past life regression session and as all of us have some spiritual roots back to the Creator (some call Him God), those roots may be prematurely stimulated to grow and this is very wrong.

If the facilitator has no strong knowledge of all the major religion doctrines, he/she won't have an explanation or answer for their client leaving them more confused than ever.

Secondly, if the area for conducting the session isn't Grid up well, the images seen by the client may not be theirs but from a passing Dark entity seeking a Deliverance.  Beyond the tangible, physical world we're living in, the world of past life regression are just sensory images the soul is made to throw up.

Everything seen in the session can be false if the facilitator didn't know enough to control the parameters prior.  One of the better proof is that the client have no emotion to what they see at all, meaning, they see the images like in the movie theater.  The client would be wasting time and money for something not theirs or meaningful.

A true, real, well-executed past life regression will evoke raw emotions in the client.  Nothing less.

Possible dangers for facilitators or low-level psychics doing past life regression

lnvoking past life memories can throw up alot of things and if the facilitator cannot deliver well, he/she will be up for many issues in their life.

By knowing only the Releasing ritual but not Deliverance to the Dark entity, it is bound to follow the facilitator around to drain his energy for their personal use.  We can see how it happens by the facilitator's health going poorer and poorer, they will feel tired easily, very poor sleeping patterns, dark eye rings etc.

Some may, because of the drained energy that they start to eat more to refuel their body, but as it's an spiritual energy and not a physiological one, the facilitator weight will start to balloon without feeling better.  The alternative result is poor appetite and weight starts going down. 

So the more people the poorly trained facilitator takes, the more drained he/she gets and premature deaths are not uncommon as the ultimate result.  It's not enough to just stop doing the work, as the angrier Dark entity would stick around for years to come though the lesser ones may not. 

And this will extend to the facilitator's family life, relationship and money, draining all of them as time goes and these will manifest into bad luck.  The facilitator may find themselves getting into troubles they never have before, unable to untangle them and solutions to deal with them will not help.

Even if they engage a facilitator to do a past life regression in hope of solving the issue, an equally poorly-trained one will not be able to see and know those Dark entities attaching themselves to the inflicted one, and the result is the blind leading the blind.

And yes, even with a Fengshui audit in place, as long as it's not done by a psychic Fengshui master who knows the reasons and able to see the why, they'd be all fultil work.


The human race has not evolve to the point where intelligence and wisdom are on equal level, it's only ignorance to assume the work of a psychic is simple and small, that religions are just the scriptures only.  It's never-ending work and requires far more than a normal human job. 

I'd also suggest one not to dabble in the New Age stuff too much as many of them are not taught thoroughly.  None of those have a short-cut path, nor easy route to gain the knowledge.  Learning or playing around them will only give negative results one would never ask for if they'd known.