Friday, February 5, 2010

Predictions For Year 2010

Below are some predictions for the year 2010.  The difference is I'll make 3 forecasts per targetted country than general ones involving colors and directions as they may not suit everyone.


-- 2 sudden flash floods may come in the low-lying areas
-- Major political party may have more PR issues with the public this year
-- 1 important political figure may fall ill and seek medical treatment in another Asian country

Hong Kong

-- 1 prolific opposition party person may fall out of grace
-- Stock market may run higher than the most Asian countries with more political and economic tie-ups news with China
-- An elderly respected female celebrity may pass away of an illness


-- It may be another very difficult political year for the President, Ma Ying Jiu
-- A new politically-linked financial scandal may rage and has to do with a lady
-- A new religious leader may rise rapidly, with many entertainment field artists/celebrities joining him


-- There may be 2 sensational death/murder cases, where 1 is religion-linked
-- A slim and demure looking and vocal female politician may rise up
-- An elderly political figurehead with military background/lineage may come up to contest the current Parliment


-- Economically, the most stable of the most Asian countries, with near double-digit or small double-digit growth.  However, bad press may continue to plague them internationally
-- A top female celebrity may have a relationship issue exposed and a divorce/break-up may ensue.
-- 2 separate floods may come unexpectedly, in the evenings, hitting up to a total of 1 million civilians


-- Stock market may be hit again by more groundbreaking reforms and turmoils, but not like the scale as the 2008 one
-- A major female celebrity may announce retirement abruptly
-- A major politician figurehead's health may shine the red light with a possible fainting spell in front of national TV/press