Monday, July 20, 2009

Spirituality - The Impending 2009 Full Solar Eclipse

Come this 22nd July, a full solar eclipse will take place over China, a first for her in about 130 years.

Eclipses of any sort has been a source of worry and fear in the medieval past for any culture, and only after Galilei's widely published theory that the Earth is round, orbiting around the Sun and not the centre of the Universe/galaxy, do we see more research into the vast outer space, and our Earth.

And so, for the last few hundred years, we see leaps and bounds in knowledge of how our Earth is like and our Milky Way, though there're far more discoveries waiting to be uncovered in ways more than we can imagine.

Combining past and the present knowledge for eclipses, the Earth, Milky Way and the Universe, we have basically (but not exhaustive for this entry) understood so far that:

  1. All emit radiation and electro-magnetic fields of different sort and in different levels.
  2. From the different orbiting routes between the planets, the radiation and electro-magnetic fields vary in strength
  3. All these affect Earth in ways of the ocean and sea tides, human hormones and brain waves, plants' and animals' activities, and likely machines and electronic products.

We now know that eclipses don't mean the end of the world and there's no fear for our lives, but it's interesting to note that they may hold other meanings for us.  And likely significant in our lives.

Due to the full solar eclipse at GMT +8 around 10am over Asia Major (China), the rest of the Indo-Asian countries are likely to be affected by the dip in Sun's radiation and change in electro-magnetic field too.  It was believed that the effects may have already started before the event, as far as months prior.

Some astrophysicists believed that the effects on Earth are already felt years before.

Normally, the most noted changes would come from the Mother Nature first, in forms of climate and tectonics activities, by the changes in the electro-magnetic field in the earth.  It was suggested that the El Nino, earthquakes, and ocean animals beaching themselves are some of the signs.

For us, as modern human beings are mostly surrounded by electronic products, our hormonal changes and individual electro-magnetic fields are likely to be too subtle for notice, though they still take place beyond the skin level but manifested in ways we thought due to stress and the poor weather.

It is from my knowledge from the various schools of thoughts for holistic health that I'd like to share the dos and don'ts from 21st July to the 23rd July, 2009

** As there're a large variety of sources I draw the conclusions from, I'll not be referencing any of them, though I'd like to add that most come from records from India and China where the world's first astrology science started.  And then spread to Europe via the Silk Route for the birth of astrophysics to what we know of now.

We should:

  1. Not exercise on the day of the full solar eclipse (22nd July) as the Earth would be abundant of the Yin energy, meaning our body should not be over-exerted.
  2. It is also in this principle that we refrain from any intimate acts as the sperms and egg would not be on top form.
  3. We should go out in the open space from GMT +8 10am - 11am to absorb the remaining Yang energy the Earth will receive in the Milky Way.  One can just read or chat with friends on 22nd July.
  4. As little contact to electronic devices as possible on 22nd July.
  5. For those who have pure beeswax candles, I'll suggest having them lit up in your proximity from 9am till 8pm on 22nd July.
  6. Fresh/new meditators are advised to stop meditating on 22nd July.
  7. For those who have incense, especially sandalwood and/or aloeswood, it's advisable to burn some from 9am to 11am on 22nd July.
  8. We should eat light, and to 3/4 full in the tummy.
  9. Refrain from making major business and life decisions on 22nd July.
  10. Refrain from drinking and smoking in excessive on 22nd July.

Please also refrain yourself from engaging in any quarrels with anyone, a solar eclipse means one should rest for a new leg of journey without interruptions or fights.

If you find this useful and sensible, do forward this to anyone you like.  However, this stops at making use of my entry for commercial purposes.  Thank you.