Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Life - Winners Harness The Power Of Time

Most of us have often wondered and marveled at how the greats (be it business or others) in Life make it.

Are they genius?
Or luck?
Or a backer?
Often, we didn't think that time, one of the key to right decision-making, has a pivotal role in doing the right thing, at the right place, and speaking to the right people.

Time, isn't just something that tells us how much a day has passed, or if we're running late.

Time is the mother of "timing", for all things to fall in their right places.  To successfully grasp the essence of timing, we need to first learn to take risksdare to be wrong, and stand firm to what we believe so we improve our sense of judgement over time (pun unintended) to prepare for what matters most to us.

To some, it may be career.
It may be a true love.
It may be the pursue of a passion.
It's an immense test of faith to hold on to our beliefs when what is seen as castle in the air is jeered by people all around.

A young local middle-class accountant took the plunge of pooling her entire savings into a condo unit in the Southern part of Singapore 6 years ago, against the nays from her peers that the property market was too high and too risky, to see sweet returns now.

It's now one of the best valued condo in Singapore with the proximity to the soon-to-be-completed IR in Sentosa, having earned more than 100% within the 6 years.  Rent more than doubled to cover that housing loan throughout the years, and now at just mid-30s, she's a millionaire without working herself to death.

Before she did the jump into that property, she had been listening carefully to the many conversations in the many dinners with her bosses.  She researched extensively into the best form of investment according to her risk profile (she's risk-averse).  She read carefully of the news in the papers and online to track the economic developments of the region.

Standing tough and strong against the naysayers, she made her decision - to put in her life savings (then) into that unit.

And she's smiling now.

Now comes the what if?  What if she is wrong?

In all honesty, time, unlike most things in Life, once gone can never be back.  No one is borne without making a single mistake.  The key to making right decisions for oneself isn't about not making a single mistake.

It's about learning all the right lessons to all the mistakes we've done.  No matter how stupid the mistake may seem, there lies a precious gift for us to take away at the end of the day.  If we learn the wrong lesson out of the mistake, we make the same mistake again and again.  And again.

Till we get it.

That young accountant burnt her fingers dabbling in stocks when she was younger, putting SGD$4,000 in her University days in some penny stocks, focused too much into the price fluctuations that she almost failed her last year.

In the end, she lost that SGD$4,000, but she took away an important lesson.

That she can't stand her heart racing with the prices, the time needed to monitor when to sell or buy in.  And neither can she afford the time to pore through the thick company P&L analysis to see where the value of the company lies.

She is no matter, a rookie in the working society, and securing her rice bowl is the most important objective.

She lost that SGD$4,000, and she gotta earn it back.

Experience in Life comes with a price, and that price often has to be paid with youth.  And youth is Time.

Too many people regret the mistakes they make and allow the sand of Time slip through their fingers.

Then there's a group of people who waste no time, jump into doing a post-mortem of the mistake they made, reflected on their actions and emotional state in that period and walked away with the gift waiting exactly for them.

The winners in the huge jungle of Life bleed through the thickets' thorns, tend to the wounds bitten by beastly scorpions to understand which paths they should take for the treasures they deserve.

Are you on the way to be a winner yet?