Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fengshui - Is It That Omnipotent?

We may have heard how powerful Fengshui can be to alter the courses of lives, and then many intellectuals mull over the reality that China (where Fengshui originated) was in tatters for so long before they stand up recently.

And that the Western countries that have worked without it prospered (economically and politically) so well for so long.

So then, what gives?

Before sharing my views, I'd like to share some facts.
--  All Chinese dynasties didn't last even with the best Fengshui experts recruited into the palace, where they were given high titles ("青天检"/"大学士"), ranks and salary along with the rest of the ministers.
--  All European dynasties didn't last no matter which Church they supported, and for some, astrologers whom enjoyed power and wealth.
--  Many Universities in Europe and US are now offering Fengshui degree courses, and sometimes along with the astrophysics faculty.

What I'd like to highlight here is that no one can fight the big externalities - Changing Times, which is why all dynasties fall, then picked up by another.  In modern times, it's presidential/prime minister elections reflecting the changes.

What Fengshui and birthdate analysis do are to present the strong and weak spots to an individual so they make the decisions for any changes themselves.  I've mentioned before in my articles, and I'd like to mention again - A right and positive attitude = the best Fengshui or birthdate one can have.

People with a positive and right attitude are always attracted to the better things in life - The right friends, spouse, job, boss.....because they are equipped with the right and proportionate level of intellect and EQ.  They have clarity with stable emotions, thus able to ride out most storms in life opening their hearts to listen to the right advice.

However, as most of us may already know, not all human beings have equal right and positive attitude towards Life, and so, there comes the need of the Fengshui practitioner or birthdate analyser to present who they really are on a plate.

This is also why with the changing times, a quality Fengshui practitioner needs to marry the Old Fengshui Principles with the Modern Knowledges for the best possible results and analysis for their clients.  Striving to advice the clients to hone their EQ and intellect is to me, the most important element to success and happiness.

Then complimented with a reasonably quality Fengshui set-up in the right environment for the client means a positive change in their lives.

As with the climate, stock exchanges and human biorythme where there're peaks and troughs, it would be irresponsible and unethical for a Fengshui practitioner to promise that his/her set-up would ensure everlasting prosperity and fortune.

A good Fengshui set-up is meant to help their clients educate themselves constantly of the outside world, to polish their emotional/personality weaknesses, to stabalise their emotions so they can overcome adversity for the right direction in Life.

Because of the evolving times, there cannot be a Fengshui set-up that lasts forever.  It's impossible.

However, most set-ups (coupled with the right site) may last between 10 - 15 years.  And for some, 20.  For a less than ideal site, a Fengshui set-up may last between 5 - 8 years.  For a problematic site, my advise is to drop it and continue the search.

After the recommended Fengshui "lifespan", the client would be advised to move on for a new site to suit their personal growth.  A regional manager can't stay in a 2-room flat forever, would they?  How would he/she entertain close friends and business associates?

Similarly, a married couple would need a bigger house when the children come along.  And/or a bigger car to bring the family around.

A "right" site depended much on an individual, and the idiom "one man's meat is another man's poison" explained my point very well.  There isn't really a Fengshui site that's "dead", with maybe the exception of the Bermuda Triangle and some others.  Which is why I personally feel it's irresponsible for a Fengshui practitioner to claim certain spots to be unsuitable for any activities.

In my experience, if a client's character needs a quiet spot for an office space, a quiet location would be ideal.  Conversely, someone who needs constant stimulation before they can work well would need a more vibrant location.  Placing them in the opposite site choices beget neverending problems, and a "choice" site would become a problematic one.

Fengshui is something that is logical, rational and effective as long as the practitioner is open to update themselves to new things and constantly learn to better their skills, along with giving impartial advise to their clients to manage expectations.

However, to promise the skies for Fengshui would be immature as the strong hands of history have already proven many times.