Friday, May 8, 2009

Spirituality - Test God, I Mean It

The reference of God in this article is a level of Higher Power without referencing to any religion.

Before I got spiritual (as different to religious), I was exceptionally skeptical of the "power" of God.  As in, I was ridden with questions like "If God is so powerful, and to make me believe in Him, He should take away my misery."

Or, "Make me rich."

Or, "Stop all wars.  Kill all the bad people."

And till the day I was introduced to God, I was still skeptical though I already believed in Him.  Looking back, I realised (with my conversation with many people) that this is human nature.  Either we have complete faith in God without a question, or we are "shown" Him in His glory in many ways.  Meaning, our mortal doubts have to be cleared before we accept in 100%.

This is where we test Him to be convinced.

Now I'm expecting many people to be appalled at my audacity, but I did tested God many times.  Likely more than 10 times for me to truly believe Him.

Testing God is very unlike testing your spouse/lover, testing Him takes an amount of level-headedness.  We cannot test Him with mundane things like, "Make my daughter listen to me," as relationship problems are 100% flaw in one's emotional management. 

Neither are things like, "Make me skinny to believe You."

God is a pure energy with the highest level of vibration able to transcend anything, meaning, He is wisdom.  So if we are going to test Him, we must make sure the questions are worthy of such noble tests.

In one of my first questions for Him, I said, "Help me learn about my darkness,".   In the following months, I was made to experience a whole awful lot of my negativities where I thought I must be a murderer reincarnated, where I thought I'd already long conquered.

I was miserable, I thought I was good enough (as a person) already but it seemed that I wasn't.  And I called out to Him for help, "Help me overcome them, forever."

In the next series of long months, different people miraculously came into my life teaching me things about Life. 

About how it's normal to have negativities in me, and that the utmost task I need to do isn't to make sure they'll vanish forever.  Because wanting to do that means no night time within the 24 hours. 

It is pain where we start to learn how to treasure what's right for ourselves, what our priorities in Life are.  What is the Real Me.  What is what I can achieve.  What's my gift where I need to work on.  How I should deal with myself.

And, we're not perfect so we shouldn't aim to be perfect.

That 2 questions are one of the numerous I've set for Him but why I'm sharing this little bits of journey in my life with you and not some informative stuff like what I used to do is, I find many people my age (I'm 31 this year) and below don't believe in God.  Otherwise, they've very misled ideas about Him by the religious extremists, hence thought God is an extremist too.

What I'm trying to say is, I had challenged Him before, I've survived and I now believe Him without being lead into any preconceived ideas.

God is a loving parent who will not hold against anyone who don't want to know Him, He'll just wait patiently.  I had alot of questions from the media, the people around me, and the so-called "religious" people who are forcing down what God should be like.  I'd read many books and articles and the many answers out there don't really convince me.

Which is why I set off to challenge Him, because I want to know the Truth.

And I'm glad to report that I've survived the tests I set Him and Him on me (another story altogether), and I'm here to help spread the word about God - Please experience Him yourself, because no one can walk this journey on your behalf.

Yes, to know God is a very intimate experience between you and Him.

No one walks in the world alone.  Because God is in everyone of us, it's just the matter of time where we truly get to know Him.  If we can know Him in the easiest and shortest way, why not?

Please gather your courage to know Him, please go ahead and test Him.  Or set Him a question where you need an answer most.  Then open your heart and mind to receive it.

It's that simple, I kid you not.

Eventhough I'm a Buddhist, I'm very touched by one Christian parable (is this the right term?) that highlighted how much God is with us, where I know applies to my religion too.

I may not have recounted it well as I've read it some years ago but the main idea is here.  It goes like this..........

There was someone who asked God, "Why are You not with me when I'm in pain?"
"Son, but I've never left you.  I'm always beside you but you didn't know it."
"Then why do I see only a set of footprints when I walk on the beach?"
"Because I'm carrying you on my back, my son."

Religion is a means to an end, by sharing my understanding of God with you doesn't mean you have to be a Buddhist to know Him.  One can be in any religion, or even without, to know him.

God is an energy that'll take form when the faith is strong and pure.  Even if the faith isn't there, the energy wouldn't go away or diminish in strength.  It just won't take form.

It'll wait till the faith comes.  Even if it means forever.

In this coming Vesak Day, I wish all of my readers a happy spiritual journey towards understanding yourself and God.

Namaste.  =)