Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spirituality - Dealing With Your Freshly Minted Birthdate Analysis

You may be puzzled at why I categorised this as Spirituality and not Fengshui since a birthdate analysis has to do with oracles and oracles have to do with Fengshui.

While it's true in the above sequence, how one deals with their freshly minted birthdate analysis has all to do with personal will and determination already.  It's the start of the journey to better oneself.

I do acknowledge the fact that everyone is born with certain character, personality and health/genetic issues, it is however, up to one to decide if they want to learn how to overcome and deal with them.

Overcoming an issue within oneself doesn't mean it'd not revisit again forever.  It simply means that issue no longer pose a problem if it springs up again and one would know how to deal with in the right emotion, preventing it from going into a full outburst, giving the same heartache all over again.

This, in another term, is called Life's Lessons.  And we all need to overcome them.

If one believes in reincarnation, whatever Lessons one cannot overcome would be repeated in the next life till they learn to pass it.  Reincarnation is no longer an Asian belief, it's now methodically researched via hypnosis and other means testings on Caucasians who may be in any religion over US and Europe. 

Widely read book series by Dr Brian Weiss, Many Lives Many Masters and another researcher, Dr Ian Stevenson all illustrated my point.

No one is borne perfect, it's impossible.  Even Gautama Buddha has to overcome his mortal issues when reincarnated into our Earthly realm before his enlightenment.  Being borne imperfect helps one to learn the all living things are equal, that all of us are suffering.  Just that different people have different problems to overcome.

Clutching the birthdate analysis in your hand (after you verified that majority of the details are correct), it's now your choice to decide what you want to do with the info.  Having overcame one's Life Lessons doesn't mean one gets to the life/career they fancy, it helps one to get happiness, peace, and contentment without the frequent disappointments, emotional outburst, problematic human relationships and etc etc.

It helps to re-awake people.

Many are very unhappy these days because there're too many stimulation from various media, too much racing with peers/friends and struggling with various human relationships without stopping for a day or 2 to ask themselves, "Is this me?  Is this what I want?  Is this what I can achieve?  What is the real me?"

Without stopping to ask these questions, many people suffer from various burn-outs that manifest into emotional outbursts at family members, performing poorly at work/studies and nursing negative feelings against themselves or towards the society etc etc.

All these kept piling on when the right things are waiting nearby just for them to reach out for while time keep slipping away.

There're people who don't need to do a birthdate analysis and know what they want, who work for their personal happiness, peace and contentment.  Nothing gives me more happiness than this.  But what about those who are not?

Are they seeking help?  Any counselling being arranged?  Are they with the right friends?  Have looked into what goes wrong?  Any action taken?

But really, the ultimate question one needs to ask themselves of is, "Am I sick of being this way?  Will I go on like this forever?  What can I do about it?"

If not, then it's time to start to help yourselve, because time waits for no men.  Or women.

And don't worry that you have more issues to overcome, all of us are doing our Life Lessons homework diligently.  All of us have the same pile of work to be done.

You're not alone.