Friday, May 22, 2009

Meditation - The First Foundation Step

In the last 3 meditation articles (Article 1, Article 2, Article 3) I've shared, I hope I've given you all some basic understandings towards the world of meditation. 

For this article, I'll share the first basic foundation all fresh meditators should accomplish before embarking further into the meditation path.

Through my observation of many meditation instructors around, most don't introduce what I'd call the Foundation Step into meditation for private fresh meditators and go straight into the meditative part.  This Foundation Step is important for a new meditator ease into their future meditations.

However, if a fresh meditator meditates with an accomplished instructor, the Foundation Step can be passed as the instructor would be able to guide them on the spot.  Furthermore, the energy field of the instructor present would be able to assist a fresh meditator better than a private practising one, who has to start from scratch.

A short introduction to the Foundation Step

It's the basic building block to meditation that helps clear "blockages" in the chakras, the meridian points and help better blood circulation.  In many meditation instruction courses around, this Foundation Step is merged into the main meditation as a form of shortcut.

While it wouldn't harm the fresh meditator, I do find the meditation progress hampered (in my experience) because the body is clearing the chakras and the meridian points with the actual deed at the same time 

It's like feeding the body with detox products and eating tonics in one sitting - either it negates the effect one is looking for, or, the immunity boosting process will progress slower because the body has to handle double jobs.

Instructions to the Foundation Step

The Foundation Step is a form of full body visualization and not the mind, one don't even need to focus on the breathing though a regular pace is still required.

Please follow the numbered points accordingly.

  1. Close your eyes softly
  2. Visualise a soft glow of white light coming to you from the Universe
  3. Visualise yourself inhaling the glow by your noserils
  4. See it goes into the body, filling the body with that glow
  5. Visualise yourself  exhaling "black light" in the breath exchanges
  6. Visualise that "black light" going into the Universe forever
  7. Repeat Step 1 - 6 for 5 times

Throughout the process of this Foundation Step exercise, one should pace the breathings slower than your usual routine ones so that the soft glow of white light would cover the whole body better.

One may experience the following in this Foundation Step exercise (please note that it's not exhaustive):

  • Belching
  • Breaking gas
  • Sweating
  • Tingling sensation at the joints
  • Tingling sensation at the scalp
  • Increased salivation (to be swallowed)
  • Muscle relaxation

All these are positive signs that the body is detoxing itself, and it's advisable for one to repeat more cycles of the Foundation Step if they prefer before the actual meditation. 

This Foundation Exercise won't take more than 5 minutes if one is to stick to the 5 times cycle and the physical benefits are (please not that it's not exhaustive):

  • Better sleep at night
  • Better mental focus
  • Better blood circulation
  • Increased immunity towards common cold and flu
  • Stimulate the body organs into better self-healing mode
  • Better energy level in the day
  • Clearer and possibly faster thinking process

One may wonder what's the difference between meditation and the Foundation Step exercise, since meditation gives about the same effects.

The Foundation Step exercise as the name suggest, is the basic building block towards meditation.  It helps to cleanse the body for the mind to focus later in the meditation where one may chant their religious mantra, or, do the breath countings. 

It's like washing the walls before a new repaint job so the new coat of paint stays better onto the concrete/brick.

There're many levels to meditation (I'll introduce at later stages) where one goes deeper and deeper into the mind from conscious --> sub-conscious --> super-conscious --> (lesser known) One Conscious.  

Before proceeding onto the next stage of meditation, the body must first be "emptied" of blockages, wastes and stimulated into a healing process where better physical health is attained.

Without this Foundation Step, no meditator would be able to reach the next level no matter how many years of meditations done.  In fact, some traditional meditation schools requires the student to complete at least 1 year of the Foundation Step before guiding them into the sub-conscious level meditation.

A well-practised Foundation Step meditator would experience little or no illusions going into the actual meditation stage at the sub-conscious level.  The sub-conscious level is where one has to fight the most "mind demons" coming in forms of the 7 Sins, where the emotions and mental will are being tested.

As the meditator advance further into the levels of the Consciousness, the state of mind will start experiencing different levels of peacefulness.

Please don't confuse the state of peacefulness with being "spaced-out", where one starts losing touch with reality.  It isn't a result of proper meditation but a terribly wrong one where one may run into neuro-nervous issues if they continue.

Another sign of a poorly done (and long practised) meditation is frequent wild dreams of achievements.  Like informing family and friends that they'll be a spiritual guru soon, or becoming rich, or getting famous etc etc.

These meditators should be stopped and encouraged to engage into physical exercises where a heavy sweat would be worked out under the sun.  The positive sun energy is needed to help re-grounding the chakras. 

In addition, it'd be beneficial for them to take supplements specially for the neuro-nervous system.  A brief take into supplements can be found in one of my previously written entry.

However, a visit to the doctor's is also strongly suggested as well for a professional opinion. 

Meditation is a benign yet strong tool to help the modern human beings handle the various stress in their lives and their physical health.  

But as like all forms of exercises, it has its flip side where one just needs to pay additional attention over.

This entry do not serve to replace any professional medical view, but an alternative avenue for one to exercise their options.