Friday, May 15, 2009

Meditation - A Danger From Meditation

As with all exercises on Earth, each of them has their strengths and weaknesses.  One would just need to choose the right one according to their requirements and body constitution.  What I'll be discussing here is a potential danger during meditations.

In the meditation process, some practitioners may experience (one or all of) the following:

  • Exceptional energy level
  • Ability to predict the lottery etc
  • Ability to "hear" voices
  • Ability to "see" spirits or deities
  • Ability to predict own's future events
  • Ability to see one's or others' past lives
  • Communicating with spirits etc

In fact, for some people, some of them may be learning meditation for the first time and have already one or all of the above experience.  Some people may welcome this, and there'll be some who fear it.  Before I share how one should treat this phenomenon, I'll touch on why these happen.

For those who believe in reincarnation, different people have different foundation of spiritual learnings in their soul level.  However, this doesn't mean some of the so-called "higher" learning ones would be a monk or nun in the current plane, and the opposite holds true.

So for those who have prior spiritual foundation at the soul level from their previous lives, they would be able to embark the spiritual path in the current plane easier. 

Without the right mindset to the phenomenon described above, one's life would be very easily disturbed.  Essentially, one should hold the following emotion(s) to the various phenomenon:

  • Let it be = Don't be excited or fear them
  • If one would like to stop them from happening, one can "will" them all to stop by determination.
  • If one would like to positively develop them, one must seek the right Teacher to guide them into the Path

Failing to seek the right teacher to induct them into the path and develop the newly acquired "skills" willfully on their own would give very dire consequences.

Without the right recall into one's actual past spiritual level and understanding how the phenomenon came about, why they came about and etc; allowing them to live with one who has no scientific learnings of the conscious, sub-conscious, super-conscious and (the little known) One-Conscious levels can be potentially dangerous.

It upsets a weak-willed one by leading them to fantasize a "special" life, even if one has the compassion of wanting to help others with such "skills".  More often than not, such greed would only result in potential neuro-nervous issues in future.

In my experience, the compassionate desire to help others has to come from the roots of wisdom.  Such "skills" must only serve as a secondary servant to the primary wisdom.  Deploying such "skills" require a very solid level of wisdom to firstly understand, then practise, and finally refine the whole process into a set of learnings to benefit self and others.

It's not as simple, innocent process as many thought.

If any of you experience the mentioned phenomenon above, please contact your meditation Teachers for further advise.

Otherwise, you may email me for further discussion if your meditation Teacher has no answer to it.  No charges will be levied.

P/S: If none of these is experienced in one's meditation process, then all is well.