Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life - Creativity Is More Than You Think

Doctors and psychologists have long found that adding a dash of creativity in one's work life or personal life gives satisfaction and happiness.  And I'd like to share this with you today.

Many people thought being creative means to be an artist, or someone from the advertising line to come up with creative things.  However, in my experience, this is not so.  Anyone can work their creativity with what they have and still, come out with meaningful things to cheer themselves (or anyone) up.

The first and foremost important thing one should accept is, creativity is yours to create.  It's not about looking at others and compare --> feels belittled that others are "doing it better".  Coming up with something in your life is all about making yourself happy.  How it affects others have no relevance at all.

** However, please note that this doesn't mean being illegal to be creative, or things of gore with the intention to repulse to others.  Creative in this stance means a positive expression of self without negative effects on others in full responsibility.

Opening the world of creativity comes in many ways.

You can do a parody to your fave advertisement jingle.
You can caption your thoughts on a photograph to give it life.
You can change the color of your intended object to make it funny.
You can experiment with food ingredients to see what comes up.
Some people may lament that they don't know how to be creative and I'd like to share the core opening door to it - Be curious.

If one have any experience with young kids, they'd be happy to share that kids often give the most astute thoughts many a times, that they often see what the adults don't.  Now for this, is the positive by-products of curiosity.

Curiosity doesn't simply means "questioning".  Curiosity has an action effect to it, and that is to find out why.

And this process is more often than not, pushed by an innocent want.  The wanting to know.

In the current living life, most adults have to be driven to deliver in their jobs because of the need for that salary.  It's very tiring, demoralising and most of us want to escape this rut.  But lets all spend a little time, like 1 hour a day, to be a child again.  Be curious of the things you've always wanted to know or do.

And just do it.

Many people don't dare to be creative because they're afraid of failure, that others would put their stuff down, but lets learn from the kids again.  Shrug it off, innocently, then have a re-look into your little piece of art. 

"Is it that bad?"
"Hmm.....the color at that corner does looks a tad off."
"Ok, lets do it again!"
Or maybe it doesn't look wrong at all.

And off you go!  Be happy!

Creativity has the generosity to be open, to accept other things, be ready to overthrow what have been accepted for a long time.  Because ultimately, curiosity opens the mind and heart.

With curiosity, one would come to understand that the world is too big for one to finish exploring.  That anything can happen.  That the world isn't all bad, or all good.  That one thing leads to another, where we most least expected.

In many aspects, the world runs on the lubricant of randomness to give people the element of surprise.

** You may like to refer back to my previous article on reading.

While I know many people like routine with as little element of surprise as possible, and I'm not saying this isn't good, open your door to just a little and have a peek out.  You may just like what you see.

If you don't, just close the door again.  Easy, no?

I'll not bore anyone with the steps to be creative from self-help books because I know this don't work for everybody.  Because everyone is different and different things push their hot buttons.  What I'd like you to take away from this article is something that has been put aside eons ago, when you were doing exactly what you love to do.

Embrace your lost inner child.