Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spirituality - How To Do A Prayer

Continuing the last post of why God isn't what we feared, I ended with the suggestion of a simple prayer to get connected with God for the non-religious.

In this entry, I'll suggest the way to start praying.

One may start off from these:

- A room by yourself (preferbly away from any disturbance) at night
- Have the lights off
- Standing/kneeling by an open window
- Eyes closed
- Hands clasped in a position you're comfortable with
And one may start speaking in a soft tone.........

"God, this is my first time talking to you.......I'm not sure what to expect, but here goes........."

One can say anything to God (even your secret) but I'd strongly advice against gossiping and/or wishing ill of others, this is the bare minimum one should do to respect God and also to your fellow human being in the daily life.

One can also ask for things from God.  Like emotional strength, or wisdom to pass your life challenges, or the chance to understand your love one better.  One can also ask God to send loving vibes to someone faraway or to the deceased.  Praying is limitless as long as one ask for the best for themself and/or others.

Do try it, God is everyone's confidant who wouldn't expose your inner thoughts supporting whatever you wanted good of yourself or others.  You never know how it'll benefit you without even first trying.

No harm or sweat trying, yes?