Friday, April 24, 2009

Spirituality - God Isn't What Many Feared

This entry isn't about any religion but God as a Higher Power in general.

Many people believe in ghosts, demons and devils but oddly enough, not in God.  There're also those who believe that the world has no God.

In this world where there're good and bad, day and night, there surely have beings from the Dark Side and the Bright.  Yes, God is here for all of us no matter the religion.  We just need to open ourselves to experience this Higher Power.  It's that simple.

God isn't wrathful, certainly not vengeful and will never forget each of us living on this Earth.  God is like a loving parent to all us without the imbalanced human emotions.  True that He dishes lessons to all of us but please trust me that He'd never give us more than we can handle.  Why we often feel life is too much for us is because we human have a habit of not wanting to cross the mental hurdle we set for ourselves to the brighter pasture waiting for us.

Like wanting to be perfectionist/Super Human when our family or friends never demand that of us.

Even if we don't want to know Him in our lives, He'd never make our life difficult to convince us.  Like any good loving parent, God is always there waiting patiently, never once leave our side.

While I'm not here to preach or convince you to join any particular religion group, I'm here only to spread the good of God, to help you find peace in yourself, as what God originally wants in all of us.  One can also say that while we're here to serve God, God is also here to serve us in the way of helping us to find ourselves.  He wants all of us to experience a balanced life.  Suffering is only here to facilitate our learning the lessons, it's like a test to be sure we understand the passage of life.

Once we passed it, we'll no longer see that as suffering when it comes again, it'd be like completing a household chore.  But why would suffering come again, you may ask?  Suffering comes again like booster shots to a vaccine, it's there to make a deeper mark into our life learnings.  As most human are forgetful creatures, by giving us the "booster" shots, we learn better and faster than before.  For those with an elephant memory, they're mostly spared of the "booster" test.

To put this in another light, we can simply explain by - A lesson well learnt means having the pre-emptive mechanism set in us to prevent a full blown suffering coming at us again.  It's a simple "cause and effect" thing.

To start inviting God into our life, one can simply begin by prayers.  A simple earnest prayer kneeling by the open window with your eyes closed and hands clasped in a way you're comfortable with and you're off to a good start.  A prayer don't have to come when one is in trouble, it can be in a form of "informing" God of the happiness of your life events.  One can also pray for another in their prayers.

It's as varied as one wants in their prayer.

Praying was widely researched in the US and Europe on the effects to the brain.  It was found that it calms the mind regulating the brain frequency, in turn helps regulate breathing and increase oxygen in the bloodstream revitalising the body, giving the feeling of well-being.  This can also be explained by the feeling of "knowing" someone is near you, like making a friend who would never leave or betray you, which in turn, calms one down.

Vastly different from exercising or meditations, there's no "breaking in period" for one to endure in prayers.  One just have to start and go.  If one has an affinity to any religion later on, you're always free to choose where you want to go to.

Do try your first prayer tonight and seeing how it may change your life in a positive way.  No harm or sweat trying.