Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meditation - What You Can Expect In Your Baby Steps

Before I continue, I must inform that the following people are not suitable for meditation, or, must only meditate under close supervision.

  1. People on medications for mental condition(s)
  2. People who has a history of mental/emotional issues
  3. People who had severe head injuries in the past
  4. People who are currently ill, or convalescing after a major operation
  5. People whose family clan has hereditary mental illnesses

These individual are more suited to a physical exercise routine with a focus on good balanced diet with suitable health supplements.

There's nothing to fear for meditation as all exercises has their limitations.  Like how one with knee injuries shouldn't go for impactful exercises.  But because people having mental condition(s) are likely to be more affected by certain illusional sightings to hinder their recovery progress, it's then always better to err on the side of caution. 

In addition to the basics I touched on previously, the following may be experienced during your initial sessions.  Please note that this list isn't exhaustive but a primary guideline, individual experience may vary.

Falling asleep midway of it

It's your body system informing you that you're mentally exhausted in your daily routine, that it's better to do some changes so your mind can have a breather.  Alternatively, it may mean you're having poor blood circulation, so some form of physical exercise is advised.  For a normally busy Singaporean, I'd highly suggest going for walks either on your way to work in the morning or after knocking off in the evening.  Do be careful of not exercising late into the evening for your individual safety.

Feeling incredibly tired after the session

Ditto above and I'll strongly advice hitting the sack shortly after, because your body is giving the signal of being deprived of rest.

Feeling numb at any part of the body

Many of us hold jobs sitting at the desk or standing in a retail shop where bad postures are likely to become a habit.  As the meditation session goes, numbness in any part of the body signals where we need to keep an eye on or correct.  It's also a good time to engage new sitting or uprighting (spine) positions to find the optimal posture.  Because eventhough we all know slouching and straightening too much are bad, we wouldn't really understand what is truly wrong unless we consult a licensed chiropractor.  Meditation then provides a good opportunity to understand our posture.


This is a normal sensation in a meditation session.  However, not experiencing it doesn't mean something is wrong.  It's just that different individual exhibit different processes.


It's likely that one has forgotten to regulate their breathings.  Please don't think it's impossible.  Many people fall into enjoying the moment of "emptiness" that their breath got more and more shallow, that the oxygen level gradually lowers.  Giddiness is an auto-body reaction to pace itself again.  Do rest assured that this wouldn't jeopardise one's health.

I'd also advice one to keep away any crystal in the room during the meditation.  Crystals have an energy field of their own and may interfere with a new meditator.  Only people who have good experience into meditations can meditate with/having crystals around.

One also shouldn't think that the longer one meditates, the better result it will be.  Meditation is about quality and not quantity.  If a meditation is getting "boring" or making one restless, it's only wise to end it ASAP to prepare for the day/night ahead.  There's no shortcut to anything in Life and it applies to meditation too.

Please remember to end a meditation session with 3 deep, complete (in and out) breaths to "wake" your physical body up.

Do feel free to email me of any enquiry to your meditation sessions and I'll be glad to assist.  You'll not be asked for any payment.