Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Life - Why Self-Help Books Seldom Help

There're many on the shelves, and it's a multi-billion dollar business globally if we add the talks, seminars and interviews the authors offer. 

Yet, why are most of the people out there still tired, depressed, angry, guilty, over/undereat and overspend?

Picture this........

One bought a few self-help books/attended a self-awareness talk or seminar.
It's very touching.
He/she's revelated.
He/she shed some tears.
He/she's revitalised.
He/she's wanted to take over the world.
A few days later, the same issues come up to break the back.
Back to square one again.


Those books are like energy drinks in the can, if one is physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted, what shot it gives is like an oasis in the desert - one still have to move on in their journey after a quench of their thirst.  The main problem eating the much needed growth out of many people is the accumulated problems stacked up in the core of their hearts.

The sole solution for many of us out there isn't about going for those "ra-ra" seminars to give us the high, or "change your life in X-steps" at all.  It's about permanently resolve the issues within their family that has been affecting them for years, or, re-aligning the belief system that has been hampering their relationship with people, money, love, and health.

Self-help books and seminars have their use to show people where to go, but as a passive and generic churn of the same ideology, many people slip back to where they were when they realised there's no one beside them to engineer their growth in a way they need.  And then they went looking for a new book for better inspiration, and the whole cycle simply.......recycle again.  With much time wasted.

Growing has it's pains, but many out there spent tonnes of money for instant solutions like those off-the-shelves zap-away-wrinkle quickie cream in utter disappointment when they can start the very FIRST step towards a better life with themselves and their family now.  Growing isn't a one-day or one-year affair, some take a few years.

We are not perfect beings, so we shouldn't seek a perfect life but happiness, fulfillment and peace are all attainable in this imperfect world, and they can last. 

You will have it if you work right for it.