Monday, April 27, 2009

Life - When Reading Isn't Just, Reading

Many political and business leaders advocate reading, that reading changes life and civilizations.  We've physical bookstores that stocks different categories of bestsellers and now, the online ones.  Now what makes one a different reader from another?

The simple answer is - Question.

Unlike reading for one's school's grades or business reports, reading at one's leisure time contribute a world of difference to that individual by not what they read, but how they deal with their readings.  Meaning, the wisdom and intelligence level of an individual comes from how they digest their information, not by simply gulping the information into their mind.

Leaders of different social level and groups read differently but the common trait all possess is that they question the material given to them.  They do not simply accept what's being given.  It's from this simple curiosity and insatiable thrist for more details that makes one different from another.

Then from deeper findings, and more digesting of the information in the mind come more crystalised thoughts, ideas, ideals and eventually, an answer that belongs to them.  Books are like raw resources e.g a fish.  How the information (parts of the fish) become your proprietary material (end product) depends on how you do up your raw resources.  Many books are good yet fall into different hands, different results ensue.

How one makes good of the fish depends entirely what kind of result they want out of it.

But then, how to get wiser from readings?

Question what's in it --> find out more about your question --> come to a conclusion --> ask again --> find out more --> crystalise your findings --> share with others --> get more thoughts --> come to your conclusion again.  Then the next step is an important one.

Be absolutely prepared to overthrow and replace your conclusion as time goes.

We have to be mindful that as science advance, and the human intelligence progress along, more information would be uncovered.  One cannot afford to hold onto an idea forever in disregard to better answers what future may offer.

Example, it was found that Vitamin C prevents scurvy 100 years ago.  In the recent 50 years, scientists from US and Europe found another important key - bioflavoniods.  Bioflavoniods has no role in scurvy prevention till more advance investigation machines were invented to understand it.  And just about 20 years ago, it was further found that there're different bioflavonoids, where each contribute different subtle roles within the biodynamic activity of Vitamin C, and how it helps in other disease prevention.

Now this seems very tiring, that we've to deal with so many issues in life, and now even reading is like a job.

Please take a minute to see why this will not from my below illustration.

Not everybody aims to be scientist, or a philosopher, or a business titan.  And not everyone can do it.  But if there's any interest one has in their life, why not make reading it up and finding out more about it an hobby?  Every little thing when delved deep into it turns into a knowledge and it follows you for life.  Each and every one of us is an MD, a Managing Director.  We manage the enterprise of our own Life, if we're not running it well, no one can do this job on our behalf.

And if the job of enriching and expanding your Life enterprise wasn't fulfilled, imagine what kind of life one would lead?

If one is interested in comic book, one can go into finding out the history of comic drawing, for example.  Then the political and economical developments.  If that's boring, one can go into finding out the publishing methods to comic drawings.  The color swatches into it.  The distribution channels.  Which comic books are hotcakes to which geographic regions.  Who are leading artists of the field now.  What about 50 years ago?  How are the ones now influenced by the ones in the past?  How has comic drawings and framing changed throughout?

Do you know that most of The Simpsons cartoons are colored in Korea?  That the voice artists earn a good 5-figure sum a week?  That they do other side work besides The Simpsons?  That different lead voices are insured for different amount of money?  That The Simpsons were meant to be 15-minute showbreaks fillers before it become popular?  That the most celebrities/political figures lent their voices to the show than any other?

This is what makes reading interesting, and certainly enrich our lives tremendously if one knows how much more fun reading can give.

Besides, the more one reads wisely in their lives, the more adversity they can handle.  Similarly, the better decisions they will make.  And these, we never know what they can bring us to in our lifetime, just by what we know.

As the Jews said so well, "Others can rob anything from you, but your knowledge."  This is why they make sure no matter how poor their family is, their children are educated and constantly reading in the family.