Friday, April 10, 2009

Life - Change Your Destiny By Changing Your Health Status

Before any traditional medical system was overtaken by the current one, it was clearly noted in the ancient texts that illnesses and poor diet affect the lives of the inflicted by way of their thinking process and emotional state.

Some very simple examples noted in TCM below:

--  "Heatiness" in liver and gall bladder = temper outbursts and/or implusive thoughts = offends people etc
--  "Weakness" in spleen and stomach = hanging onto too much worries = gives up offered, apparent opportunities etc
--  "Excesses" in heart and small intestine = hyper-active = gives others the perception of being immature etc

** Please note that the above are just very preliminary causes to the emotion, it's highly possible that the root of the problem lies elsewhere in the body to cause the final emotive outcome.  Please consult a trusted medical practitioner for a thorough review.

All these outward symptoms will result in poor absorption of certain nutrients from food (or induce excessive and strong cravings) exacerbate the ailments further, eventually, set the "destiny" of one because a "defective" emotion rules over rationality, hence misses out opportunities in Life for the better.  This is why the traditional medical (not limited to traditional Chinese medicine only) systems place great importance on tracking a patient's emotional state to find the root cause, hence help them overcome their ailment(s) effectively.

In my experience with myself and the people whom I've helped in the past, good health means making good, unmarred decisions which in turn, helps changes one's life.  Or "destiny".  It's a "cause and effect" thing, and this "cause and effect" are mutually inclusive of the simple breakdown below.

When one's body and emotions are balanced and healthy = they make/feel for right decisions in most aspects of their life = choosing and/or set a balanced Fengshui house/office/decor on their own = changing their "destiny".

When one seeks the right Fengshui practitioner to do up their house's/office's Fengshui = good energy come in to affect their decision on how to deal with their health better, also affecting their emotional state = changing their "destiny".

The results of these "causes and effects" come in subtly unlike a wildly successful marketing campaign where one can track by numbers and figures in matters of days.  It's only about some time down the road (range between 2 weeks to months) when one looks back to realise the overall benefits.  The overall benefits come in ways of happier self and/or family, dealing with all-round stress better, able to save money better, healthier self and/or family etc.

On this note, I'd like to highlight an important point.

An experienced and professional personal consultant or Fengshui practitioner should equip themselves with the right knowledge to help their clients all-round.  Unless a solution needs a set of sessions to be implemented, an experienced and professional personal consultant or Fengshui practitioner should aim to see one client for no more than 2-3 times to an issue.  It's also within the traditional ethics to inform the client thoroughly and professionally (not the unethical "scaring tactics") of their views and let the client make the decision in their free will.

However, it's also a choice in the client to be open to accept advice and provide the help a thorough background on their need, without that, no external party would be able to render useful help as much as they want to.