Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Health - Why The Emergence Of Hybrid/Super Viruses

The recent news on swine flu is giving many worries in people.  Many are thinking if this is the coming to the end of the world. 

Please read on of my explanation to the emergence of these new viruses and some suggested solutions.

Throughout history of mankind, there've been several pandemic that drastically reduced human population with the biggest example of the Black Death. 

As civilization goes on, increased mobility between countries means unique domain diseases cross frontiers infecting people who have no resistence to them.  It was believed that many minor races in South America were wiped out by colonization of the powerful European empires about 600 - 700 years ago not from the wars, but diseases they've no resistence over.  Some of the examples are the common flu, herpes and etc.  All these come in form of bacteria, fungus, viruses and parasites.

Cross-infections in the food chain happened for some time ago already, not just the recent bird and/or swine flu.  It's just that the public information mediums weren't as developed hundreds of years ago unlike now.

Before we heave a sigh of relief, we must know that our current medical challenges are very problematic.  Viruses are getting more and more immune to current conventional medicine, and the general human population is getting weaker with the modern diet and lack of exercise.

While I'll not go into improving our diet and exercises (having touched on in my previous entries and easy googling access), I'll touch on some solutions without creating more resistence for the viruses.

Natural household cleaning products
Many off-the-shelves cleaning products are purely chemical based.  With chemicals, it's easy for viruses to develop resistence to them.  A cheap and environmentally friendly alternative that has been used for the last couple hundred of years without a problem - Baking soda and vinegar.

These 2 combination makes a very powerful cleaning agent cutting grim, oil killing viruses and bacteria easily.  They work not by chemical compund but by altering the pH level on the surfaces.  Viruses and bacteria have a certain "defence wall" that's easily broken down by baking soda and vinegar by "melting" them away.  It works like a stick of butter melting away from the heat of naked fire.

The other beauty of this combination is, unlike chemical cleaning agents that can trigger allergies in people, they don't at all.  In fact, from my experience with cancer and multiple allergies patients in the past, the baking soda and vinegar cleansing solution triggers almost 0% of attacks in them.

Burning herbal based incense in the family
When the 3 magis bore frankincense, myrrh and gold to Jesus on his birthday, the 2 items became a sacred symbol in Christianity.  In recent science, they are found to be an effective anti-viral and bacteria agent.  When records of sacred herbs/items are found in any religion books, they are there to inform us that they can help fight against diseases, otherwise clear the air of diseases-causing pathogens.

Like beeswax candles used by the Greeks, Egyptians and Romans.
Like sandalwood and (sacred) basil used by the Indians.
Like neem used by the South Americans.
Like amber, aloeswood used by the Chinese and Tibetans.

There are many more herbs used by the various religions but what I'm trying to highlight here is, we cannot dismiss the health knowledge left by our ancestors because often times, they're far more useful than we thought.

To use these incense effectively, one should burn like 3 times a week in their residence to clear the air and stimulate the body immunity against existing (not full blown yet) pathogens within ourselves.  It's often suggested to burn them at night and every full moon.  The full moon has significant effects on the gravitational pull on the earth starting a chain effect all around us.

One can use the incense normally used in their religion and for the impartial ones, they can choose any incense according to their budget and fancy.  Burning essential oil is a secondary alternative with lesser effects.

Filter your drinking water
Our drinking water is no longer naturally filtered by Mother Nature like how our ancestors enjoyed.  It has now gone through multiple chemical processes to inactivate/kill bacteria and viruses but they're all absorbed into our body.  These when absorbed into our body, will overburden our organs trying to detox them.  Our body is already fighting stress, chemicals in food and external pollution daily, we cannot afford to burden it with more jobs.

While a good filter system can be expensive, I've a good alternative that I've been using in my family and friend with great results - high grade charcoal.  The Singapore market now exist 2 kinds of high grade charcoal - Japanese Sumi charcoals and bamboo charcoals.

Both of them have good density and porosity to absorb chemicals, activate their far infra-red electromagnetic spectrum in the water, alkalize the water to a better pH and many more.  Japanese Sumi charcoal is getting very difficult to procure locally in the recent 3 years while high grade Taiwanese and China bamboo charcoals are starting to make their appearences.  And cheaper too.

Sumi charcoal is a type of hardwood that take years to grow which is why the high price, while good bamboo charcoals came from a certain species of bamboo that's thicker and more porous than the usual ones.  As bamboo is easy to grow with far shorter maturing time, it's the rage to replace the Japan Sumi charcoals in Asia Pacific with the trend started in Japan and Taiwan.  There's currently a significant market demand in US and Europe for them.

Using charcoal to filter the water is cheap, one needs to hard boil them in water for 15 minutes weekly to purge out the absorbed impurities and it'll be good as new for the household.  Replace them every half a year to your potted plants to recycle them.

Ionising the air
Please refer to this previous entry of mine for reference.

Do not over sanitised yourself
Doctors and scientists have attested that many people's immunity are lowered  from "over cleaning", they washes their hands far too often or from using too strong a cleaning agent.  Very strong cleaning agents while beneficial, is a form of poison still.  By exposing our body often to them, it's akin to to exposing ourselves to poison frequently.  Unlike harsh potent ones that kills shortly, these are long acting and accumulative that strips the body of it's natural resistence against diseases.

Surround yourself with happy, positive people
Please don't underestimate the power of having happy and positive people around.  These people emit a strong, stable positive energy from within where their personal electromagnetic field can have a positive effect on living things.  Much like a sci-fic movie alive before you, this is however, a very true and tested science doctors and scientists have researched for at least 50 years from US to Germany to Japan.

And the findings are about 95% positive and consistent with their peers around the world.  So if one wants to fight diseases and learn how to be positive and happy in life, seek these people out, be with them and actively learn from them.

What I've shared above came from an extensive, intensive and consistent empirical model for more than 10 years in my life.  All these contributed to my journey to normal health now, and many others I've helped.  While I acknowlege every individual has different needs and so call for different solutions, the above are however, results that cover a rather broad base of sample group spanning different cultures, races, genders, health conditions, body constitutions, occupations and nationality.

I wish that if you find this informative and sensible, please do forward to all of your contacts so others may have a chance to help themselves from it.  I will not ask to credit the forwarding back to me as I start this blog with the sole aim of sharing.